Mars Attacks


Tim Burton directs an all-star cast in this outlandishly funny spoof of 1950s-era sci-fi flicks, featuring bulbous-headed Martians come to Earth hell-bent on world domination and destroying everyone and everything in their path! Can the president (Jack Nicholson) save America — and the planet — from the invaders? Or are we all just toast?


This film has Tim Burton’s fingerprints all over it. The only thing missing is Johnny Depp and/or Helena Bonham Carter.

I’m a fan of old sci-fi films from the 50s, so this is right up my alley. Burton does a good job of parodying the genre. what I didn’t know was that Mars Attackswas a Topps card series at one time and this film is just the cards brought to life.

This is just a fun film. I don’t understand why critics went into expecting to see a cinematic masterpiece. They seem to like to rip apart films that are made just for entertainment purposes.

Jack Nicholson as the president looks very…er…presidential. not to mention he has a dual role as Art Land. This is some of his best work (that I’ve seen) since he was the Joker in Batman.

Look for young stars Natalie Portman, Christina Applegate, Jack Black, and Ray J.

Jim Brown made a name for himself on the football field setting records left and right, and if this film was any indication, he could have had a pretty decent film career, but probably chose not to, for whatever reason.

Pam Grier is a but underused for her talent, in my opinion, but is as gorgeous as ever.

Glenn Close, Martin Short, Annette Bening, Pierce Brosnan, Michael J. Fox, and Sarah Jessica Parker all do a pretty good job with their roles. No one really sticks out as the star of this film, which is a good thing because this was more of an ensemble picture, anyway.

The martians are the real stars. I’ve made it perfectly clear that I’m no fan of CGI being mixed with live-action, but if it can be done like this, then I have no issue. Still, I wonder what the martians would look like in stop-motion.

Paul Whitman needs to be shot for singing that “Indian Love Call”. That has to be the most annoying song in music history. I had the same feelings the martians did everytime I heard it.

AS I said before, this is justa fun film. It’s meant to be a spoof on those B-move sci-fi flicks of yesteryear. If you’re going to watch it expecting to see a serious drama about martians or some over the top big budget alien flick, then stay away, but if you’re in for a good time, then check this out.

4 1/2 out of 5 stars


6 Responses to “Mars Attacks”

  1. Sarah Jessica Parker is really very very beautiful specially during her younger years -;~

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  3. […] lot of people hear the title to this film and assume it is going to be something like Mars Attacks, but that is not the case. As a matter of fact, they actually play it […]

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