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Who Should be a Princess

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I was looking up some stuff on the new Disney movie that coming out around Xmas, The Princess & the Frog, and came across this article that asked the question who most resembles the Disney princesses. Figured I’d share what they said…and who I think would would be better.

Former “Dreamgirl” Anika Noni Rose will lend her voice to Princess Tiana in the upcoming animated flick “The Princess and the Frog.”

Hmmm….kind of hard for me to argue with this one, especially since the movie hasn’t come out yet, but I don’t see why not? What do you think?

Anne Hathaway is a dead ringer for Belle from “Beauty and the Beast”, and with her ex-boyfriend Raffaello Follieri facing felony charges, she knows a thing or two about dating beastly boys.

Hmmm…this one I’m not sure about. I mean, Anne is a good choice and all, but I just see Anneliese van der Pol (Chelsea from That’s So Raven) as Belle. That maybe due to her being Belle on Broadway, though. Natalie Portman or Kierra Knightley wouldn’t be bad either. What say you?

Katy Perry’s porcelain skin and jet black hair make her a Snow White natural.

Honestly, I would have never thought of Katy Perry as Snow White, but I can see it. Although I think that Christina Ricci, Selma Blair, or someone else pignmentally challenged would be a good choice, also. Actually, how about giving Hayden Panitierre black hair? Hmmm…maybe Lily Allen, even? Oh, and if you’re gonna say Katy Perry, then you must go with her doppelganger Zooey Deschanel.

Like the Sultan’s daughter Jasmine, Kim Kardashian has been on quite the magic carpet ride. She’s gone from socialite to sex tape star to becoming a bona fide celebrity just like her old pal Paris Hilton. Though Ray J doesn’t make much of an Aladdin (neither does Reggie Bush).


Ok…stop your groaning. I would have never thought about this one either, but I actually can see it. While Jasmine may be quite a bit skinnier, they do have similar features (look at the noses for starters). I’ll let this one slide, and that’s saying alot since Jasmine is my favorite! Anyone have other suggestions?

As typecasting goes, it doesn’t get much better than Isla Fisher as Ariel. Not only is she a bubbly redhead, her last name seals the deal.

Now that I look at the two of them, I can see the possibilities, but I had two others in mind for Ariel. Amanda Bynes would be a good one, but even better.–drum roll–Alyssa Milano! Come one, allegedly Ariel was modeled after her, so why not? Don’t you agree?

Kristen Kreuk has kicked butt on screens big (“Streetfighter”) and small (um, “Smallville”), and she has a purple belt in karate.

I don’t know anything about this Kreuk chick other than I think she does Cover Girl make up ads or something. She is totally wrong for Mulan, though. She looks to American…at least to me. I could sit here and say Lucy Liu would be best for Mulan, and she wouldn’t be bad, but I think I’m gonna go with a dark horse…Devon Aoki (Miho from Sin City), if not her, then Maggie Q or Kelly Hu would be good choices. Other than those, I’m stumped.

Bippity-boppity-who? We think Hayden Panettiere should be a shoe-in for Cinderella. She’s worked it with Disney before (“Remember the Titans”), and even sang on the “Cinderella III” DVD. Save Cinderella, save the world!

OK…whoever thought this would work is smoking some serious crack! Just because their both blonde doesn’t mean it’ll work. Of course, I would have no objection to Christina Aguilera or Scarlett Johansson as Cinderella, however something is telling me Ashley Tisdale (the other chick from High School Musical that hasn’t been all over the tabloids) would work just as well.

From “Thirteen” to “The Wrestler,” Evan Rachel Wood has a history of playing damsels in distress.

I don’t know much about this chick, other than she was in Across the Universe, The Wrestler, and Practical Magic when she was younger. I don’t see her as Sleeping Beauty, though. (Ironically, she’s supposed to be Alice in some kind of Lewis Carroll movie later this year….directed by Marilyn Manson YIKES!!!) For Sleeping Beauty…hmmm…Hilary Duff perhaps?  Probably not…hmmm…this is a hard one…ah! Kristen Bell or Elisha Cuthbert. Yeah, casting Sleeping Beauty is a bit of a challenge.

Olivia Thirlby is best known as Ellen Page’s best friend in “Juno,” but you may also recall her spitfire turn in “The Wackness.” She has the same natural beauty, spunky attitude and heartbreak er style that made Captain Smith go loco for Pocahontas.

One of these days I need to sit down and watch this thing again. *SIGH* So, I bet I’m not the only one who doesn’t have a clue who this chick is either. Am I really that out of touch? I vaguely remember her in Juno, but not really. She could make a good Pocahontas, though, or just take Sacajawea from Night at the Museum.

Ok…I know you all have your own suggestions and are probably gonna rip me a new one for who I said or for not knowing one or another, so let me…see it. I tried to post the original article’s link here, but it is no longer available.