G.I. Joe: Resolute


G.I. Joe is a highly trained, classified special operations unit composed of men and women from around the globe. Officially, these warriors don’t even exist. Few know the truth – that G.I. Joe fights a secret war, as the first and last line of defense against forces that seek to plunge our world into chaos. Wherever there’s trouble, G.I. Joe is there.

In G.I. Joe: Resolute, the raging battle between G.I. Joe and Cobra has never been more intense. Every life is at stake… and even the good guys can die.

This is no game.

Your favorite characters are back… but this time, no one is safe. No parachutes. No lasers. No rules.

All games end today.


I grew up on G.I. Joe in the 80s, and am eagerly awaiting the live action film that is set to be released near the end of this summer. I was a little disappointed to find out that they have all but abandoned everything that made G.I. Joe a popular series, though.

A few of the reviews that I’ve read about this have said that this is what the show should have been in the first place. I disagree. For me, this was too dark and real. One of the things that many people are forgetting these days is that cartoons and movies can and should be escapes from reality. So, a few lasers and larger than life plots won’t hurt.

A highlight of the film was the story/battle between Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes. The relationship between these two has always been an interesting one, but this new version seems to have lost the mutual respect they share for each other in favor of  a blood rivalry.

I could be wrong, but I don’t remember Cobra Commander ever being out for money. His goal was always world domination as I recall, so the fact that they have him with his plot to extort money from the UN just makes no sense to me.

They say that they updated and made it more mature for fans of the original series. Speaking for myself, updating it did nothing but ruin everything. They took all the fun out of it and replaced it with realisticness. Maybe I’m just nostalgic, but I believe this was a mistake. The hope is that this does two things, from what I’ve read, put the idea into network’s heads about a new series, and garner some interest for the upcoming film. I think it will do the latter, but as far as the former, I don’t think will happen. This just doesn’t stack up. Feel free to watch it if you want, I won’t be wasting my time again.

2 1/2 out of 5 stars


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