The Incredible Shrinking Man


Scott Carey (Grant Williams) is contaminated by a radioactive cloud and pesticide, and he slowly begins shrinking. When he’s three feet tall, he briefly becomes friends with a female circus midget but then continues to shrink, eventually being reduced to living in a dollhouse. After nearly being killed by a cat, he winds up trapped in a basement and has to battle a voracious spider, his own hunger, and the fear that he may eventually shrink down to nothing. After defeating the spider, the hero accepts his fate and (now so small he can escape the basement by walking through a space in a window screen) looks forward to seeing what awaits him in even smaller realms.


As any avid reader of this blog will know, I’m a huge fan of classic films, especially of the black & white, sci-fi genre. The Incredible Shrinking Man fits that criteria to a ‘T’.

This isn’t a campy sci-fi flick, but a rather tragic one. The story about a man who by some odd, unusual chance is exposed to the right amount of chemicals (from two different sources, mind you) begins to shrink. The tragedy is that he could very easily shrink out of existence. This is something that worries him throughout the entire film.

As expected, Robert Scott Carey comes across a plethora of obstacles as he shrinks, especially once he becomes smaller than a mouse. The cat attacks him as he’s living in the dollhouse, leading his wife and brother to believe he’s dead. Strangely enough they barely look for him.

Carey has to scale steps down in the cellar, as well as not drown in the water from the water heater, and of course what kind of movie abut tiny humans would this be without your standard giant spider scene.

By today’s standards the effects are quite cheesy, yet they still hold up to the test of time.

One of the greatest things about this film, is that it very easily could have been driven by the effects, but in fact it is the acting that makes it. Yes, the effect are there and are crucial to the story, but it is the performance of Grant Williams as the shrinking man that really sells this film and makes it such a classic.

4 out of 5 stars


2 Responses to “The Incredible Shrinking Man”

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  2. […] of because they are so small. Much in the same way regular things became a hazard, like the cat, in The Incredible Shrinking Man. I must say that the effects are obviously not top notch, but they work for this film and the […]

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