Who’s Your Caddy?


When “street smart” rapper Christopher “C-Note” Hawkins (Big Boi) applies for a membership to all-white Carolina Pines Country Club, the establishment’s proprietors are hardly ready to oblige him. Unwilling to accept that the club views him as unfit for membership, C-Note purchases land that contains the 17th green – willing only to exchange the hole for a membership. This sets the stage for an outrageous assault on the country club and its membership committee as C-Note and his fun-loving, streetwise crew disrupt the goings-on at the club with their irreverent attitudes and a back-and-forth prank fest.

At one point, C-Note plans to shoot a music video on the club’s land. That leads the Club President, Cummings (Jeffrey Jones), to offer a bribe to get him to stop, but all C-Note wants is a membership to the club. President Cummings then hires Shannon Williams (Tamala Jones), an uptight lawyer who graduated Harvard at the top of her class. She goes to Christopher’s house, he refuses yet another attempt to bribe him to leave.

As a last resort, she devises a plan to allow him to join the club then to record him violating the club’s bylaws to kick him out while he is on the club’s 4 week probationary period. On separate occasions, he is accused of landing a helicopter on the property, bringing a gun onto the golf course and driving recklessly on the way to the golf course. Eventually, all the charges are proven wrong and C-Note is officially made a member of the Carolina Pines Country Club.

The film progresses with Cummings hiring Big Willie Johnson (Tony Cox) to kill C-Note. Eventually Cummings challenges C-Note and Mick to an 18 hole match of golf, and C-Note accepts. On the day of the match, C-Note is surprised to see that Cummings hired and flew in professional golfer and 5-time PGA Tour winner Jesper Parnevik (who plays himself) to play on his team. After 9 holes, Parnevik and Cummings are up four holes, but after a pep-talk by Caddy Mack, they are able to rally on the back 9, and win by C-Note holing his second shot on the 17th hole from 230 yards over water with his driver. Soon after, Cummings is arrested for conspiracy to murder, and C-Note is named owner of Carolina Pines Golf and Polo Club.


Quite honestly, there isn’t much to this film. It is your typical low-budget flick about an African-American who wants to stick it to the white man and the differences in their cultures. ITs been done many times before. The only difference this time is the golf. Since I’m not the biggest fan of golf, I can’t really comment on this, other than to say that when Big Boi was putting, it looked more like he was trying to play baseball, rather than golf. This film is so predictable that is loses what little bit of entertainment value it has. Having said that, there are a few funny moments, bit not enough to waste your time with this film. Who’s Your Caddy? is so bad, that it truly is bad. If not for a few good acting performances, this would go down as one of the worst films of all time.

2 out of 5 stars


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