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In the movie, Michael Keaton’s character, Doug Kinney, is a construction worker whose work is in constant conflict with his family. On one job to build a new wing of a scientific facility, Doug meets up with Dr. Leeds, a scientist who has developed a successful means for cloning humans, and is introduced to Dr. Leeds’ clone as proof. The scientist, who is sympathetic to Doug’s troubles, allows Doug to make a clone of himself that can take over for him at work, while he tries to spend some quality time with his family. The clone, called “Two” (while having all the knowledge, memory and experience of Doug), turns out to be overly macho and easily irritated, suffering a residual personality quirk of the cloning process.

Eventually two more clones are made. “Three”, in sharp contrast to two, is extremely sensitive and thoughtful (“Two” considers him a ‘wuss’). “Four” is cloned from “Two”, and has the mentality of an overly-curious child. Unfortunately since he is a clone-of-a-clone, his IQ is considerably lower than that of his predecessors, since the personality defects are more pronounced when a clone is cloned (The analogy from the movie refers to how a copy of a copy may not be as ‘sharp’ as the original), and this causes an annoyed Doug to decree a moratorium on cloning. One night Doug leaves home for a business trip. While Doug is gone each of the clones run into Laura and each one sleeps with her. The next day “Two” comes down with a cold and can’t go to work, so he sends “Three”. As “Three” goes to work not knowing a thing about construction, an inspection on site is on that day. “Three” unimpresses the inspector which leads to him losing Doug’s job.

As the movie progresses, Doug’s wife becomes increasingly upset with her husband, not realizing that many times she is speaking to a clone. After she pours out her heart to “Four”, mentioning how he (Doug) has never kept his promise on fixing the house, she asks him what he wants and is unromantically told “I want pizza”. Upset, she takes the children to live with her parents. When Doug returns he learns that Laura and the kids have left. He also learns from the clones’ confessions that he has lost his job and each one of them have slept with Laura. Trying to figure out how to get Laura back, “Four” tells him about what she said to him on how he never fixed the house. With the help of the clones, Doug remodels the house and wins back the love of his wife. With their purposes served, the three clones move away, later writing Doug that they have set up a successful pizzeria called “Three Guys from Nowhere”. “Two” becomes the business man of the shop and serves customers, “Three” is the chef and “Four” is the delivery boy as well as taking a second job as a paperboy (It’s shown in the end of the film that he tosses a pizza box at a nearby house in the style of a paper boy throw)


For some reason, this os one of those pictures that has slipped by me…that is until now. I did, however, think it came out before 1996. Don’t ask me why, I just did.

This film is pretty simple in its premise. An overworked construction worker is having family troubles. He does a job ar some genetics lab and the guy in charge introduces him to cloning. Clone is made, hilarity ensues. Touching moments here and there. Climax. End. Nothing fancy.

The good…Alot of people have forgotten than Michael Keaton is really a funny guy who can act, and this is/should have been just the vehicle to remind audiences about that. He manages to make each clones totally different from both himself and the others. I know that’s how it is written, but it takes real talent to be able to pull that off. I would have liked to have seen more of the clones, if not more clones, but there was only so much room in that little room above the garage, I suppose.

The bad…while Andie McDowell is quite the capable actress, she came off as whiny and overemotional. It seems like after every conversation she had with Doug, or a clone, she would break down into tears (the exception being the sex scenes and the ending). I also didn’t really care for the construction company scenes. I know they set up a framework, for lack of a better term, for the film, but with the exception of 3 getting fired and the introiduction of 2, they served no real purpose. Neither did the obvious rival to Doug who was in on just about every scene. Maybe I missed something, but that just seemed out of place or underdeveloped.

All in all, this is really a good comedy. Sure, it has its faults, but can you actually name a film that doesn’t? Michael Keaton’s star has only shone brighter when he was Batman, and that’s saying alot. You should definitely check this out, especially if you’re having a bad day. I guarantee it’ll cheer you up!

4 1/2 out of 5 stars