(500) Days of Summer


On January 8, Tom Hansen meets Summer Finn, the new assistant to his boss. Tom trained as an architect but works as a writer at a greeting card company, living in Los Angeles. Following a karaoke night, Tom’s co-worker, McKenzie, lets slip that Tom is attracted to Summer. Over the next few months Summer and Tom grow closer, despite Summer making it clear to Tom that she does not believe in true love, and does not want a boyfriend.

Tom shows Summer his favorite spot in the city, which looks out over a number of buildings he likes, although the view is spoiled by parking lots. After several months dating, Tom gets into a fight with a guy chatting up Summer, and they have their first argument. On day 290, Summer and Tom split up after they see The Graduate, a film which Tom thinks shows true love. Tom does not take the break up well, and Tom’s friends call his younger sister, Rachel, to calm him down.

Summer quits the greeting card company. Tom’s boss moves him to the consolations department, as his depression is not suitable for happier events. Months later, as Summer and Tom attend the wedding of a co-worker, they dance at the wedding and Summer catches the bouquet. They sit next to each other on the journey home and Summer invites Tom to a party at her apartment. Tom attends the party and sees that Summer is wearing an engagement ring. Realizing what is being celebrated, he leaves the party. Tom enters a deep depression, only leaving his apartment for alcohol and junk food. After a few days, he returns to work hungover and quits his job. He sets about re-applying himself to architecture, makes a list of firms, and begins to attend interviews.

On day 488, Summer sees Tom at his favorite spot in the city and they talk. Tom states his lack of understanding towards her actions but ultimately, wishes Summer well. Twelve days later, on Wednesday, May 23, he attends a job interview and meets a girl, who is also applying for the same job. Before entering the interview, he makes a date to have coffee with her afterward. He asks her for her name, and she replies, “Autumn”.


I read somewhere that this was a romantic comedy for those that don’t care for romantic comedies. I can’t argue that opinion.

(500) Days of Summer has lots of good moments and a few bad ones, so it is no surprise that this was on almost everyone’s top 10 of ’09 list.

The good…my personal feelings for my future wife, Zooey Deschanel aside, she is the main reason to watch this picture. Sure, she’s playing the same, quirky character who emphasizes her individuality like she always does, but hey, whatever works, right? I like how they go back and forth through her relationship with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and show the number of days and such. What really struck me was that if you look at the graphic, the happier moments have a happier, green color to them, whereas the final days are blue and depressing looking. Deschanel and Levitt make a cute couple and that helps more than you’d think. The film moves about at a pretty nice pace, which is a plus because there are so many romantic comedies that start off at light speed, then hit some kind of bump and never recover.

The bad…I didn’t care for the best friend. As much as I love Zooey, I would like to see her play a different character at least once. Minka Kelly’s appearance at the end is nice, don’t get me wrong, she is beyond hot, but the fact that she was named Autumn was just too much.

It isn’t often that a romantic comedy comes along that takes the point of vie of the guy. Usually these things are all about some overly emotional woman, her bitchy friends, and how they brainwash her into all but losing the guy, only to get him back in the last minutes of the film. (500) Days of Summer doesn’t flip the script, but does give you the early impression it is going to go down that road, only it takes a sharp turn just before it goes into formulaic territory. While doing that turn, it becomes a refreshing, original film (based on a book) that captivates us all.

4 1/2 out of 5 stars


3 Responses to “(500) Days of Summer”

  1. I simply loved the movie. It was not only romanatic and funny, it really brought me to the edge of my seat and I never do that when it comes to Romance. The actors simply played a stunning role in making this movie the utter most wonderful movie to watch when it comes to romance and laughter. I would recommend it to anyone.

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  3. […] right? Take a look at Marc Webb, who directed many indie films before getting a breakout hit with (500) Days of Summer and was then tapped to do a major summer blockbuster (regardless of my personal thoughts on it) The […]

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