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Juwanna Mann

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Juwanna Mann follows the story of Jamal Jeffries (Miguel A. Núñez, Jr.), a basketball star whose undisciplined on-and-off-court antics have him indefinitely suspended from the league, without any prospects. After falling in love with Michelle Langford (Vivica A. Fox) who’s a WUBA (Fictional Version of the WNBA) player and also lacking training in anything other than basketball and going through a financial crisis, Jamal decides to dress like a woman and try out for the Charlotte Banshees, a women’s basketball team, in order to get back into the game and to start a romance with Michelle. When in the league Jamal finds out that keeping his cover as Juwanna is harder than it looks. He participates in everything from away game showers/sleep overs to going to the spa with Michelle. WHILE ON THE AWAY GAME TRIPS Jamal/Juwanna rooms with Michelle so he has to be careful when he is in the shower with her so he doesn’t reveal his manhood between his legs. When Juwanna and Michelle shower together, Juwanna washes Michelle from head to toe and while he /she is doing it for the first time he grows a big erection, but keeps doing it regardless of that fact. While on a date at a restaurant, Juwanna participates in some “under the table fun,” that leads her date to question her gender.

The movie ends with Jamal Jeffries being reinstated into the UBA (Fictional Version of the NBA) thanks to the support of his former WUBA teammates who vouch for him. Michelle gives him a champsionship ring and a kiss


I know that there are people who hate this type of movie, but I don’t care. I liked it. So what if the plot wasn’t exactly original, it works, so get over yourself!

Juwanna Mann is a film about an out of control professional basketball player who goes one step too far and gets thrown out of the league and eventually blackballed, resulting in his going basically bankrupt and having to live with his aunt.  While watching a neighborhood girl play ball at the playground, he gets the idea to become a female basketball player and cons his aunt and agent to go along with the idea. You can imagine the hilarity that ensues from there.

I don’t need to tell you that this film is quite predictable. You have the usual gender jokes, the falling in love with the best friend who doesn’t know he’s a guy, etc. These things all don’t take away from the fact that this film doesn’t try to take itself too seriously. It knows that it is predictable and doesn’t care.

Miguel A. Nunez does a good job as Jamal and even better as Juwanna. His comedic timing is impeccable here and he really shines.

Vivica A. Fox is normally too brash for my taste…at least in most of the films I’ve seen her in (except for Booty Call), but here she reigns all that in and gives what very well may be the performance of her career.

Kevin Pollack, Kim Wayans, Ginuwine, Tommy Davidson, and Jennifer Lewis may be secondary characters, but they shine in their roles and really round out this film making it even more enjoyable.

I’m a firm believer in that if you can do something well, then do it and make no apologies. That is exactly what Juwanna Mann does. As I said, there are people who are just not going to care for this no matter what the circumstances. They’ll get over themselves. This is a hilarious picture, though it could be better, but then the same thing could be said for 99% of movies ever made. If you get the chance, check this out. You won’t be disappointed!

4 out of 5 stars