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The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie!

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While in a bar in Bedrock, a drunken and pregnant Toot is informed that someone has come to see her. The visitor turns out to be her old housemate Foxxy who tries to tell her that their lives are in danger. This then flashbacks six months prior. Foxxy discovers that she can swear without being censored. When she discovers the show’s control room, having been abandoned for nearly two and a half years since the show’s cancellation, she realizes that Drawn Together has been cancelled. The housemates check their TV listings and find out that their time slot had been taken over by a TV show called, “The Suck My Taint Show”. Foxxy calls the network to find out why they were cancelled. The network head, upon hearing from Foxxy learns that the housemates are still alive and summons I.S.R.A.E.L. (Intelligent Smart Robot Animation Eraser Lady), a robot designed specifically to erase cartoon characters. The Jew Producer warns the housemates before I.S.R.A.E.L. shows up but manage to escape just in time in Foxxy’s van.

Once they escape from I.S.R.A.E.L., Foxxy insists that the way to survive is to get their show back on the air, and suggests that they can seek out the Suck My Taint Girl for help. Clara, refusing to believe that she is not a real princess, and wants to return to her kingdom, claiming that her father can protect them. Captain Hero, Xandir, and Ling-Ling decide to go with Clara, while Spanky and Wooldoor decide to go with Foxxy to try to get their show back on the air. While the others are arguing, Toot steals the van and drives off alone.

Back at the network, the Jew Producer tells the network head that he cannot bring himself to have the housemates erased, having become attached to them. The Jew Producer states that he won’t help the network head with his mission, but the network head reveals that he has kidnapped the Jew Producer’s son. The Jew Producer reluctantly agrees to help, and he and I.S.R.A.E.L. take off in pursuit of the housemates once again. Clara, Hero, Molly (a corpse Hero believes to be his girlfriend), Xandir, and Ling-Ling arrive at Clara’s kingdom, expecting to find refuge. However, nobody there seems to recognize Clara. She encounters the king of the land, who is not her father, and even more shockingly, a woman who appears to be the “real” princess. The guards end up killing Clara, but the other three manage to escape.

Meanwhile, Foxxy, Spanky, and Wooldoor visit the set of The Suck My Taint Show and meet the Suck My Taint Girl, who reveals herself to be a fan of the housemates’ show. She tells the group that they were cancelled because vulgar and offensive content is only acceptable when your show “makes a point”, and that if they want to get Drawn Together back on the air, they will need to get a point, which they can do by making a visit to Make-A-Point Land. She tells Foxxy that if she will bring the rest of the Drawn Together gang to meet her, she will take them to Make-A-Point Land. After tracking down the others, the remaining group return to the set of The Suck My Taint Show. The Suck My Taint Girl agrees to take the rest of the group to Make-A-Point Land to get a point.

The wizard of Make-A-Point Land agrees to give the group a point, and presents them with a box containing said point. Spanky protest them by claiming that they shouldn’t open the box, that he is happier being disgusting for no reason. The others agree with Spanky. Wooldoor disagrees, determined to get back on the air, he opens the box to find out it contains an eraser bomb which erases him from existence. The wizard explains he was forced to give them the box with a eraser bomb. It is then that the network head, The Jew Producer, and I.S.R.A.E.L. Foxxy asks how they knew they were going to the palace, which the Suck My Taint Girl reveals that she blackmailed them and is the Network Head’s wife. I.S.R.A.E.L. prepares to kill the housemates, The Jew Producer manages to convince I.S.R.A.E.L. that they have a right to exist as she does. She then impales the network head on a spike. The network head then opens his coat to reveal that he had enough explosive erasers strapped to his waist to destroy all of Make-A-Point Land. As The Network Head drops the remote to explode Make-A-Point Land, The Suck My Taint Girl tries to grab it but the Jew Producer dives on top of her to stop her. The housemates then make a getaway. The Jew Producer and the Suck My Taint Girl struggle for possession of the detonator, in the process dropping it, erasing all of Make-A-Point Land, including themselves. The housemates make it out just in time.

The housemates visit the remains of the erased Drawn Together house. The Jew Producer’s son shows up to inform them that he might be able to help them by giving them a direct-to-DVD movie. Everyone happily laughs until Spanky accidentally steps on a eraser bomb caught in the ground, erasing them all from existence.


When Drawn Together was on, I watched it religiously. There was just something about how it spoofed various cartoon characters and reality shows. These days the only cartoon to spoof reality TV is something on Cartoon Network called Total Drama Island or something like that. Obviously, it is meant more for kids. So, when Drawn Together was cancelled, I wondered what Comedy Central would do to fill its animation void, since they can’t possibly stick more episodes of South Park in there. Boy, was I wrong.

That’s neither here nor there, though. The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie! is obviously meant to be a sort of closure for the fans of the show. A great idea, for sure. Unfortunately, I’m not so sure this film works the way they intended.

If you watched the show, then you know that they beeped and blurred everything offensive. Well, when you make a direct-to-DVD film, the censors aren’t breathing down your neck, so you could care less about what the characters say or do. That is why they get to curse, have sex, and do whatever they want. Sure, when the show was on, we all wished we could see this, but now that we can, it is a bit anticlimactic. Sort of like expecting steak and getting bologna.

I say this alot when comparing old movies to the crap we call cinema today. Older films, mostly in the horror genre, were more effective because of the thought of something being there or doing something. Today, for some we reason, filmmakers think we have to see it for it to be effective. In effect, all it does is numb us to the effect. The same thing applies here. Whereas the show was highly censored, not hearing/seeing various “offensive” things made it funnier than actually seeing them do/say said things. That’s just my opinion, though.

Just like the show, though, this film is hilarious, but you have to be a fan of the humor from the show to appreciate it. Chances are, most of the people that are going to watch this are either fans of the show or potheads…or both. That’s ok…an audience is an audience.

The plot revolves around the gang trying to find out how they got cancelled and how to get back on the air. Believe it or not, that is actually the best plot they’ve ever had. The way that is executed is also pretty good. As a matter of fact, it is obvious they stepped it up for this DVD release as opposed to just the weekly episodes.

On par with the show, there are plenty of racial jokes and gross out humor. Like I said earlier, if you weren’t a fan of the show, then you won’t get the humor here, and may very well come away offended (since all it takes is a pin drop to offend people these days).

These guys haven’t lost a beat since their cancellation. Too bad we won’t see them again, but all good things must come to an end, right? I can recommend this to the people who are into this type of humor, but not everyone else. Some pictures are made for a specific audience and The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie is one of those flicks. It is quite funny, though.

3 1/2 out of 5 stars