The Bounty Hunter


The film starts halfway through the plot, Milo is seated in his car when smoke starts pouring from the trunk. He calls for Nichole who does not respond. He pulls over and gets out to open the trunk. Nichole tosses a road flare to the side and punches Milo before running off, Milo gives chase and the pair fall into the grass some distance away.

Twenty-four hours earlier; Milo Boyd (Gerard Butler) is a down-on-his-luck former police officer turned bounty hunter after he “quit” and was terminated some months prior. Hot on the trail of his latest bounty; a criminal he chases from a Fourth of July parade, whom he catches, but is arrested by the police as well. Bobby (Dorian Missick) a friend of his and a mutual friend of his ex-wife’s bails him out and tells him that he needs to get on with his life and forget about her, being reminded on the fact that he himself walked her down the aisle of their wedding. Meanwhile Nichole Hurley (Jennifer Aniston) is an investigative reporter looking through the story of a supposed suicide, scheduled to appear at a court hearing due to being charged with assaulting a police officer (which she later clarifies was slightly knocking into an old police horse while trying to drive around traffic). The morning of her trial, however she gets a big lead on her story and leaves before attending her hearing, receiving a court order and removal of her bail rights resulting in a warrant for her arrest. Nichole goes to meet her informant Jimmy (Adam Rose) but just prior to her arrival, he is forcibly removed from his car and kidnapped.

Milo hears about Nichole skipping bail, and the promise of receiving $5,000 as his share for capturing her, he believes the whole situation to be a dream come true. He learns from his investigations that Nichole went to visit her mother Kitty (Christine Baranski) in Atlantic City and comes across her at a race track, using his memories and knowledge of her to capture her. After a failed escape attempt, Nichole uses money and her knowledge of Milo’s gambling habits to make a wager; if he wins $10,000 at the craps table, he will let her go. He is successful to $8,000 but a subsequent argument causes him to lose everything. After securing Nichole in a hotel room, he proceeds to also lose his paycheck in gambling. The next day, Nichole uses a tazer on Milo and makes another escape attempt, only to be foiled again when Milo catches up with her. Nichole’s leads inadvertently finger Bobby in connection to a man (Peter Greene) following the two of them whose intent is to kill her. Milo and Nichole run from the man and the ensuing car chase causes the man to overturn his SUV and abandon it. They get the name ‘Earl’ from the car and point them toward a local country club. While undercover, they learn that Earl is employed at a tattoo parlor called Blue Ink, and start making their way there. Bobby contacts them and warns the pair to stay off the road. They stop at Cupid’s Cabin, the bed and breakfast in which the couple had celebrated their honeymoon. Each realizes the other has feelings for each other, but overhearing a conversation with his employer, Milo seems to imply he’s only wanting to sleep with Nichole, turning her cold shoulder on again. She eventually handcuffs him to the bed and escapes again; This time going to the Blue Ink. She finds Jimmy and frees him before she is captured by another pair, who are looking for Milo in order to pay off an $11,000 gambling debt. Milo comes to rescue her, and they find out the connection that Bobby and Earl were once friends, both police officers, and a recent move of stored evidence would give the pair of them access to confiscated narcotics.

Bobby arrives and meets with Earl, but Bobby plans to turn Earl in, and there is a shootout, leaving Bobby injured. Milo goes after Earl but is briefly at a disadvantage when he is ambushed by the man. Nichole approaches with a shotgun, forcing Earl to surrender. As Bobby is being loaded into an ambulance, the pair tell him that they implicated him in connection, briefly offending Bobby. Milo and Nichole, while appearing to have reconciled admit that they each need to put their jobs first; a step that Milo takes to turn Nichole into the police. Milo then punches a police officer on his way out, and is also arrested, being placed into a cell adjacent to Nichole. Through the bars they admit their love to each other, and kiss.


I’m sure that when most of us think of bounty hunters, the first image that comes to mind are the kind of scruffy rebels from the 80s apocoalyptic movies, Dog the Bounty Hunter (or other white trash imitations), or Bobba/Jango Fett. If you would have told me tghat Gerard Butler would be a bounty hunter, I would’ve laughed, especially since he seems to have forgotten his action chops.

The Bounty Hunter is a nice little romantic comedy with a taste of action. That formula should have been enough to appeal to a mass audience, but the film suffers from a subpar storyline.

The whole bounty hunter having to track down and capture his ex-wife, while a severely overdone plot device, worked…mainly because of the chemistry between Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston, but everything else seems to either fall flat or confuse the audience. For instance, we know that they were married at one time, and it was actually fine not knowing what happened. Just as we are getting settled into the dynamic of consensual hatred between the two, the filmmakers decided to throw in the monkey wrench of reconciliation. True, this is a romantic comedy, but that didn’t work for me.

There were just too many things going in the flick. We have all the stuff between the two main characters, a subplot involving a criminal investigation, and another involving Jason Sudeikis’ character, who came off as quit annoying. All this just takes away from a film that wasn’t exactly the best in the book.

Surprisingly, there is a bit of action, but it is so minuscule, tha really is no point to mention, other than to say there is some. My guess is that they had these scenes just to appeal to the male audience. Not suite sure if it worked or not , but it was a gallant try.

The cast is ok. Gerard Butler have gret chemistry that really saves this film from becoming a total snorefest.

Jason Sudeikis may have an annoying character, but he works in the small doses they give us of him.  Having said that, I  wouldn’t be surprised to hear that they wanted to spin off a new film for TV show based on this.

It really is a shame that this film didn’t get the great reviews it deserves. Well, let me take that back. It isn’t washout its faults. However, it is still a good date flick. So, if you and your significant other are in the mood for something you can both watch, try The Bounty Hunter. I highly recommend it, just remember that is isn’t the best flick in the world.

3 1/2 out of 5 stars

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