The Haunted World of El Supebeasto


The film follows the adventures of El Superbeasto (Tom Papa), a suave, yet violent exploitation film director/ former masked wrestler, and his sultry sidekick and sister Suzi-X (Sheri Moon Zombie) as they confront the evil Dr. Satan (Paul Giamatti). The adventure, set in the mythic world of Monsterland, also features Murray the Robot (Brian Posehn), based on the robot in The Phantom Creeps starring Béla Lugosi.


So, this has to be one of the stranger films I’ve seen n my day. I say that knowing good and well that I actually enjoyed The Haunted World of El Superbeasto.

Let’s get one thing straight here, first, though. Yes, this is a cartoon, but no it is most definitely not for kids. To put in persepctive…if you wouldn’t let kids watch something like Cool World or Heavy Metal, then this isn’t for them either.

There actually is a plot to this madness. Something about some nerd growing up to be the guy who wants to take over the world. (this is a cartoon after all).

Yes, the story is weak, but it is the characters that really make it interesting.

For instance, the titular character, El Superbeasto is a masked wrestler/movie director of some sort who dresses like he’s stuck in the 70s and is about as cocky as you would think and then some.

His sister is a buxom blonde spy with an eyepatch and a robot with a crush on her.

Dr. Satan was a nerd in high school with an infatuation on Sheri-X.

I could go on for days listing these characters. I don’t want to make this comparison, for fear some my find it offensive, but it was like an episode of The Simpsons in some ways, at least with the wide variety of characters.

Further proving this is an adult cartoon, there are plenty of animated boobs flying around, as well as an opening scenes complete with cartoon sex. I wasn’t really impressed with that, and the gratuitous boobage seemed a bit forced, especially with the way they seemed to keep pointing it out.

It was kind of like, “here, these are boobs! look!”  That was actually on the insulting side, if you ask me.

The animation is actually quite good. It is nice to know that people can still hand draw stuff…even if this film is a few years old.

What is my ultimate verdict on The Haunted World of El Superbeasto? Well, for one thing, Netflix can stop showing it on the screen everytime I go the page. Second, this actually wasn’t half bad. I initially was just looking for a film to kill some time and this did just that. No, this isn’t a film that is meant to change the world or anything like, but Rob Zombie’s foray into the world of animation does leave the audience with some good laughs. This isn’t for everyone, but if you think you can handle it, check it out sometime!

4 out of 5 stars


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