Sydney White

PLOT (spoiler alert!!!):

Sydney White (Amanda Bynes) is the daughter of a plumber, Paul White (John Schneider). Her mother, a Kappa Sorority member, died when she was still young. She sets off to study in a SAU and to pledge her mother’s once dignified sorority. There she met Demetria Rosemead Hotchkiss (Crystal Hunt), or also known as Dinky, also an upcoming member of the Kappa Sorority. While on their way to their dorm, she met Tyler Prince (Matt Long), the president of another sorority, and the on-off boyfriend of the president of the student council, as well as the head of the Kappa Sorority, Rachel Witchburn (Sara Paxton).

As one of the Kappa Sorority’s traditional ritual, the freshmens need to find a date late at midnight. Sydney then find Lenny (Jack Carpenter), one of the seven dorks, or also known as the Vortex. She was then picked by Rachel to ditch her date, which ended up to Lenny paying. Meanwhile, Rachel is becoming more and more jealous at Sydney being close to Tyler.

Sydney failed to become a member of Kappa because Rachel insisted that she has disobeyed the rules, including lying about her background and cheating on a Kappa quiz. Sydney decided to left late at night while raining, unintentionally sitting in front of the Vortex’s home. She was welcomed by the seven dorks, Lenny, the sneezy one, Terrence (Jeremy Howard), the genius one, Jeremy (Adam Hendershott), the shy one who only uses his puppet to talk, Gurkin (Danny Strong), who writes a blog and the hot-tempered one, Spanky (Samm Levine), the one who has no experience with girls, George (Arnie Pantoja), the child-like one who still believes in Santa Claus and still doesn’t know how to tie a knot, and lastly, Embele (Donté Bonner), who keeps on sleeping.

Sydney, together with the seven dorks, tried to put Rachel down from her position by running Terrence for president. But he was disqualified later on because he already graduated six years ago. Sydney then replaced him and started to campaign. The day before the debate and election, Rachel hired a hacker to hack Sydney’s files. She was then forced to do her work using Gurkin’s laptop all night in the library. The next day, Sydney was done with her work and accidentally fell asleep. She was almost disqualified for not showing up if it wasn’t for Tyler who woke her up by a kiss. After Rachel answered the question that Professor Carleton (Brian Patrick Clarke) had asked, Sydney’s supporters came, which is led by the goth girl (Kierstin Koppel) whom Gurkin had met. Sydney then did her speech, mostly defending the underrated people, including dorks. She then stated that she was a dork herself, and a number of students had confessed as well, including Tyler, Jeremy, Spanky and Dinky. Rachel then lose to Sydney.

The film ended with Sydney and her friends, with the help of her father and other construction workers to fix the Vortex’s home. New relationships started to form as well, starting off with Dinky and Lenny, Spanky finally getting some girls, the goth girl and Gurkin, and lastly, Sydney and Tyler. George then learned how to tie a knot, Jeremy finally coming out off his shell and Terrence became a billionaire because of his theory.


Before this sudden obsession with redoing any and everything Snow White, we had Sydney White, a film that is your basic Snow White tale, but in modern times and on a college campus. All the parts are here in some shape, form, or fashion, so, while this isn’t Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, it is quite an enjoyable watch.

What did I like?

Amanda show. I guess Amanda Bynes is my birthday movie girl. This is the second year in a row that I’ve watched one of her movies leading up to my day of happy returns. For those that forgot, last year it was She’s the Man. Admittedly, I’ve had a bit of a crush on her ever since Hairspray, but here she was just so dang cute. Added to that, she just has comic timing that rivals great comediennes of the past like Lucille Ball. Throw in a decent amount of acting talent and there is no wonder she has had the lengthy career she’s enjoyed to date (hopefully all these DUIs don’t ruin her like they have Lindsay Lohan).

Interpretation. I love the way they adapted everything to modern day. Instead of having dwarves, they are dorks, the wicked queen is sorority girl who is also student council president, the mirror is a site that ranks the hottest girls, the prince is a fraternity president who last name happens to be prince and, best of all, the poison apple is a computer virus that shuts down Sydney’s computer. I think she was even on an apple computer when she opened it, this making it a poisoned apple.

Dorks. These guys aren’t as big a part of the film as you would think, except for one of them. The big thing to notice about them, though, is that it is fun to pick out which dork is which dwarf. Yes, they do have the various personality traits, bashful, sneezy, sleepy, grumpy, etc.

What didn’t I like?

Dinky. I loved this little southern belle, but for some reason, she didn’t get much to do, which I felt was a shame. It is obvious she has some talent there, otherwise she wouldn’t be able to pull off that massive southern accent!

Similar. I found there to be some light similarities between this and another film that featured geeks on a college campus threatened by those of the Panhellenic sort. House Bunny was not a Snow White tale, but it did involve a house of geeky girls. It may have been a coincidence, but I didn’t care for it.

People. In the film’s last act, we get a montage of the various students on campus. My problem with that is the whole rest of the movie, we haven’t seen anyone else except for the girls in the sorority and the guys that were grabbed in that date ritual to start the pledge process. Oh, there were the few people in the one class that they showed. Are these girls that sheltered that they just don’t see anyone else on campus, or is it like Sydney says in her speech, Rachel has kept them all more or less hidden in her plot to basically run things.

Sydney White is one of those feel-good flicks that will keep you entertained from beginning to end. Honestly, it isn’t that great of a picture, but it really is a joy to watch. This isn’t a family picture, per se, but it is family friendly. I highly recommend it to everyone. Similar to Mirror Mirror, this is a light-hearted Snow White tale that, unless you’re one of those dark, evil individuals, you’re sure to enjoy.

4 out of 5 stars


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