Stonehenge Apocalypse


An ancient prophecy comes to pass when archeologists unearth an Egyptian chamber in Maine, sparking a devastating electromagnetic pulse that originates at Stonehenge and sends destructive shockwaves around the globe. When the Aztec pyramids crumble and the stones take on a life of their own, a renegade radio host, a team of scientists, and a team of British commandos race to prevent the same force responsible for creating life on Earth from cleansing the planet in order to herald the dawn of a new age


Stonehenge Apocalypse, boy! What can I say about this? Not much, really, so prepare for a quickie. Before I get started, be it known that this was a SyFy made-for-TV movie, and unlike those reimagined fairytales the network has aired like Tin Man and Neverland, it shows.

What is this about?

When mysterious changes in the earth’s electromagnetic field begin to occur around Stonehenge and other ancient monuments worldwide, discredited earth scientist Jacob Glaser (Misha Collins) is one of the first to foresee the danger of these developments. Now, Glaser must quickly convince authorities that the disturbed force linking Stonehenge and other sites has the potential to create a huge electromagnetic pulse and wipe out civilization.

What did I like?

Plot. Think about how freaked out everyone was about the end of the world back in December. Now, imagine if all the pyramids around the world starting erupting into volcanoes and Stonehenge suddenly starting shifting and attacking people. Throw in some cult and supernatural stuff and you have the makings of a pretty damn good summer blockbuster, right? Too bad this got dropped into the hands of TV execs.

What didn’t I like?

Special effects. I wasn’t expecting big budget, blow your mind effects. As a matter of fact, since this is a SyFy flick, I expected much worse. Still, there is that bit of cheese that just doesn’t fit with the scope of this flick. Things just look so fake that it is hard to digest.

Acting. I give these actors props for trying. This isn’t exactly the best material around, but good lord is there some terrible line reading going around. I wonder if there was more life in the room that they did the table reading because it didn’t translate to the screen, in my opinion.

Pacing. For the most part, pacing is ok, but it is the fact that it tries to move by so quickly that makes it hard to keep up with what is going. There is one moment where I was watching, then I sneezed, came back and somehow missed a bunch of important stuff…in the span of 5 seconds?!?

*SIGH* I really wish there was something redeeming about Stonehenge Apocalypse, but there isn’t. This is a film that I feel would have worked as an actual big budget release, rather than a made-for-TV forgotten piece of schlock. As it is, this isn’t totally horrible, but very forgettable. No, I do not recommend anyone. It is best to stay away!

2 out of 5 stars


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