Blood Creek

PLOT (spoiler alert!!!):

n 1936, the Wollners, a German family living in rural West Virginia, are contacted by a Nazi German emissary to host Professor Richard Wirth. The family accept as they need the money thinking of Wirth as a visiting scholar. Wirth’s project, however, has nothing to do with science but much to do with the occult. Years ago, the family found a Viking runestone on their property and built a stable on top of it. Wirth wants to use its power and energies to do evil but he is interrupted by the family. They hold Wirth captive in their cellar and trapped in the farm with blood markings. This prison however requires the family to sporadically capture people and use them as a source for blood. The horrifying fate of the family is then linked to Wirth’s, so they keep him alive but weak and trapped.

In 2007, 25-year-old Evan Marshall’s life has stalled because he is left without answers after the disappearance of his older brother Victor during a camping trip in rural West Virginia. Evan tries to move on but when Victor returns one night, very much alive and having escaped his captors, Evan asks no questions – at his brother’s request. Instead they load up their rifles, pack up their boat and return to fight the evil.

The brothers head to the farm and confront the Wollners. They, in turn, warn the siblings about Wirth. They do not listen until Wirth gets out of the cellar and begins his terror. Wirth reveals that the reason Victor was able to escape was because Wirth knew that Victor would come back to the farm for revenge and would eventually free him from the Wollners, so he let Victor go on purpose. The brothers manage to poison and decapitate Wirth, however, the Wollners turn rapidly old and die. Before the youngest dies, she tells Evan that SS leader Heinrich Himmler has sent eight more Nazi agents to different farms. Evan finds a map that was under the farm and discovers that others like Wirth are at other farms. While Victor returns home to his family, Evan heads out to the other farms to stop the Nazis.


If you missed Blood Creek when it came out back in 2009, don’t feel bad. You’re not the only one, because I don’t recall hearing about this either. After seeing it, though, I’m not so sure that was a bad thing.

What is this about?

When a family agrees to host an occult-obsessed Nazi scholar in their West Virginia farmhouse prior to World War II, they’re transformed into his undead slaves and must kidnap local victims to feed his bloodlust. Years later, an abducted war hero (Dominic Purcell) breaks free from the zombie family’s clutches, rounds up his brother (Henry Cavill) and returns to the wilderness for payback

What did I like?

Occult. For some reason, Nazis and occult go together. I’m not enough of a history buff to know whether this is something that actually occurred in history, but movies seem to like to use it as a plot point, that’s for sure. Combining this with the zombie creature Michael Fassbender becomes and it was actually pretty interesting.

Newcomers. At the time of this release, no one knew who Henry Cavil was (though after this summer’s Man of Steel, I’m sure he’ll be a household name) and Michael Fassbender was coming into his own. Fast forward to today and they have come a long way. I always like seeing how far actors have come from their early roles.

What didn’t I like?

Plot. While I liked the zombie/occult angle, it was actually hard to keep up with what was actually going on in the story. I know there was something to do with a Viking runestone and somehow the people in the house never really aged, but it was never explained why this stranger that showed up one day is now a bloodthirsty monster, what it is about the marks on the doors and windows that keeps him out, or pretty much anything that was important to know.

Dominic. In Blade: Trinity, I liked Dominic Purcell. He isn’t the kind of guy you hand over leading man material to, but he is capable of the hulking brute stuff. Here, he just seems either miscast or given more than he is capable of handling. His performance left me longing for more. I wasn’t sold and felt this is a role that should have been given to someone else.

For a quick horror flick to pass the time, Blood Creek accomplished what it was supposed to do, but if you were to watch this expecting some major thrills and chills, you’re sure to be severely disappointed. There are some gory moments and the zombie horses at the end are a bit creepy, but that isn’t enough to save this from being quite mediocre. This is a hit or miss flick for me. Not good, but not bad. Do I recommend it? Eh…it depends on how much of a fan of zombies, Nazis, occult, etc. you are.

3 out of 5 stars


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