PLOT (spoiler alert!!!):

The story concerns a group of guys who have made a deal to each invest in a fund, which would be paid to the last remaining bachelor of the group. Michael Delaney, a cartoonist, attempts to get the other remaining bachelor, Kyle Brenner, married to a statuesque policewoman who Kyle said was the one that got away, so Michael can claim the fund to pay off a gambling debt. Unfortunately, the statuesque policewoman Kyle is trying to marry is the woman Michael has fallen in love with, Officer Natalie Parker. Michael then gets himself into all sorts of misadventures, from getting captured by a young woman and her grandmother with a bizarre BDSM fetish (the young woman seems like a quiet librarian at first glance) to trying to retrieve Kyle’s surgically removed testicle, all the while attempting to pay off his gambling debt to the honked-off mobster menacing through selling his possessions, relieving himself of his “Tomcat” status, overcoming his fear of commitment, and finding true love.


Hey! Look down here! Now that I’ve drawn your attention away from that poster, how about we talk about Tomcats. For some unexplained reason, the film I had planned to watch today, well this weekend, came in the mail broken in half, so as a way to calm my nerves I turned to comedy…mindless, raunchy comedy.

What is this about?

Several years after a group of buddies antes up money for a pot that will go to the last remaining bachelor among them, only two are left — and one of them is scheming to get his competitor married … to a former girlfriend.

What did I like?

Pact. In American Pie, the guys make a pact to get laid before prom. In a way this film follows a similar plot, as this group of guys makes a pact, or rather a bet, for who ends up being the last remaining bachelor of the group. Conventional thinking would lead one to assume that the last two guys would end up at each other’s throats for the money. That would be an easy cop out, if you ask me. The film doesn’t go that route, though, using a totally different angle.

Joy. I normally am not a fan of Jaime Pressly. As much as I actually liked her in My Name is Earl and D.O.A.: Dead or Alive, everything else she has been in, just hasn’t struck a chord with me. Maybe it is because she has such a small role, or that she actually wasn’t a bitch, but I did enjoy her in the role, especially when in came to the implied lesbian scenes to drive Horatio Sanz’ character crazy.

Library learning. A somewhat short scene involving the a kinky, BDSM mistress librarian was a lot more entertaining that it had any business being. First off, she was this frumpy little librarian who turned into a mistress of kink, even handcuffing Jerry O’Conner to her bed with stuffed animals on the bedposts! Second, the collection of whips, chains and paddles she had was quite interesting, but the most interesting and weird part was that her grandmother also got in on the act. For comedic effect this was great, but if this happened to some poor soul, I feel so sorry for him.

What didn’t I like?

Balls deep. I didn’t really understand why there was a need to make light of testicular cancer. Granted, the gag with O’Connell going after the bouncing “ball”, which was eventually eaten (ironically by the doctor who removed it), was a bit funny, but the subject matter didn’t sit well with me. There had to have been something else that would have worked, like expanding on the sperm bank gag, for instance.

Plausible. Jerry O’Connell’s character ends up losing at a casino, thanks to his failed attempt at flirting with a buxom redhead, which leads to his being taken to the guy in charge, played by Bill Maher. This brings us to the debt of $51,000 which he owes and must pay within one month. The “pot” of all the friends who are married now, is up to $475,000, now, if I’m not mistaken. So, while O’Connell is trying to get the last guy, Jake Bussey, married off so he can collect the money. Everything he owns is getting taken to pay off his debt. I don’t know about gambling debts and such, but this just seems a bit extreme and unbelievable. Not to mention the little tidbit about them taking his drawing boards, pencils, etc. How is a cartoonist supposed to work, and possibly pay his debt, if he can’t draw?

Justice. Shannon Elizabeth is gorgeous, but my goodness can she not act! No wonder we haven’t seen her since Dancing with the Stars. I guess the fact that she was on there, should say something, right? At any rate, I can tell she was trying, but I just didn’t buy her as a hardened cop and scorned lover. Well, the scorned lover I can buy a little, but I wonder who would toss her to the side, seriously?!? Luckily for Elizabeth, she went back to the ditzy, hottie roles that made her famous in the first place.

As far as raunchy comedies go, Tomcats is actually pretty tame. Sure, it has moments that will gross you out and some sexy scenes, but in comparison to similar films released around the same time and since this hit theaters, this might as well have been an episode of The Care Bears. That being said, there are some laughs to be had here, which is the main reason this film was made, to entertain the audience, not impress some stuffed shirt critics. Do I recommend it? Yes, but only as something to brighten your day, not as a quality flick. Watch at your own risk!

3 3/4 out of 5 stars


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