Trailer Thursday 8/28

It’s Trailer Thursday!

This week, let’s travel back to the days of sock hops and drive-ins to watch the trailer for what has been called one of “the worst movies of all time”. Have a look at the trailer for Plan 9 from Outer Space and see if you’re interested in watching the “awesomeness”….of maybe that should be “awfulness” HA!


2 Responses to “Trailer Thursday 8/28”

  1. I cannot believe that I haven’t seen this yet! I’ve heard so many great things about how horrible it is and I’m the type of person who has the ability to fall in love with horrible movies.

    That trailer is GOLDEN!

  2. Mystery Man Says:

    dude, its horrible…and awesome at the same time. one of those were you won’t be able to look away! I need watch it again, now that I think about it! lol

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