Trailer Thursday 12/25

Merry Xmas, everyone!

I’m sure that by now you (or your kids, siblings, etc.) have opened all the presents and are winding down for the day. I hope it was blessed and merry one, but I almost for that….

It’s Trailer Thursday!!!

So, I’ve been debating whether or not to go with a holiday flick for this week’s edition. I mean, we have all been bombarded with them for since Halloween, after all. One network, Hallmark, even shows nothing but Christmas movies since October. Watch, next year, it’ll be July when they start that!

Let’s go with a film that is set around the holidays, but isn’t a Christmas film. Rumor has it that this was initially meant to be a horror flick, but I think the sci-fi route (or whatever genre it is) worked better for Gremlins.


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