Trailer Thursday 2/19

It’s Trailer Thursday!

This week, continuing this month’s theme, I have 3 Blaxploitation trailers for you.

First up, Pam Grier in Coffy. Do I really need to say more? Just watch!

Second, man this trailer encompasses everything about Blaxploitation. The music, clothes, lingo, everything is about as stereotypical as you can get…and the movie is the same way. Check out Super Fly!

Finally, yesterday, or the day before, news broke that they are going to reboot Shaft. Now, I loved the Samuel L. Jackson version, especially the part where Christian Bale gets shot, but apparently, further showing that Hollywood has no originality left, they want to make a “new” version. I wouldn’t be surprised if they make him a her, either. Ugh!

At least we have the original. Watch and enjoy!


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