The Opposite of Sex and How to Live with Them

The Opposite Sex and How to Live with Them


Jewish Jack-the-lad David seriously fancies smart, rich Anglo-Saxon Carrie as soon as he first offends her in a Boston bar. They run into each other again and though she still says she finds him appalling he works on it and they are soon together. His even more reprehensible best mate and her blousy best friend watch bemused as the two fall deeply in love and then apparently as fatally out again.


Men and women rarely see eye to eye on things. As a matter of fact, our brains are wired completely different. The Opposite Sex and How to Live with Them does its best job of showing these thoughts and such, but is it worth your time?

What is this about?

David fancies Carrie as soon as he first offends her in a bar. When they run into each other again, David tries to correct their bad first encounter.

What did I like?

Chapters. Like a good book, this film is divided into chapter. As we are introduced to these chapters, there I a quick little animation that goes along with the chapter name. It really isn’t much, but it does lighten the mood and remind us that this is a comedy, which I appreciated.

What a Pollack. Speaking of comedy, Kevin Pollack is perhaps the funniest thing in here. He’s a comedian, though, what did we really expect. He is the token funny friend who gives bad advice but it still there no matter what. Also, he is able to relate to the audience, as well.

She can be my friend. Man, Courtney Cox used to be such a hottie! I mean, she ok now, but its like somewhere after Friends ended that she just became anorexic and still hasn’t fully recovered. I was just looking at pictures of her and it seems as if her head went from regular shape to some sort of pointy thing. At any rate, anytime we get young Courtney Cox is a real treat and we get her in a 2 piece bathing suit (not quite a bikini, though), so that is just icing on the cake!

What didn’t I like?

Apartment. I have to question how it is that Courtney Cox was able to cook Arye Gross’ character out of his apartment. Yes, they were living together, but it was her that moved in with him. I’m pretty sure she didn’t sign part of a lease or anything when she moved in, so what right did she to kick him out of his own apartment? If anything, she should have just gone back to her old place or, and I know this is something impossible for females to do, use rationale and talk things over *GASP*

Beach bums. Gross’ friends are horrible human beings, but that is part of their charm. Why are they horrible? Well, one of his friends hits on Courtney, knowing that she is with Gross. Granted, this can be seen as a compliment, but there is still such a thing a respecting boundaries. Something worse that happens is that Pollack absconded with her and apparently they all play strip charades or something with her, I forgot what the game was exactly since they don’t show us. She apparently is very offended by this, but at the same time, one has to wonder, if it was that bad, why did you go through with it?

Say something. I feel as if this is a film that has much to say on the topic of men and women, but its voice was stifled either by censorship, fear, or bad writing. Had this film let go, though, I am curious as to what the finished project would have been and what sort of topics, conversation, and whatever else gets in the way.

Were you hoping to get answer from Agent Peggy Carter? Perhaps some tips akin to those we get in The Mating Habits for Dating the Earthbound Human were what you were expecting? Well, despite the title, The Opposite Sex and How to Live with Them does nothing but confuse one more than he already. I definitely do not recommend this, thee is nothing redeeming enough to warrant a watch, so you are better off avoiding.

2 out of 5 stars


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