Jurassic World

PLOT (spoiler alert!!!):

Twenty-two years after the Isla Nublar incident, Jurassic World is a new, fully functional dinosaur theme park located on the island. Brothers Zach and Gray Mitchell go to visit their aunt Claire Dearing, the park’s operations manager. Upon arriving on the island, they are left in the care of Claire’s assistant Zara. Simon Masrani, the park’s owner, arrives and takes Claire to see their new genetically modified dinosaur, the Indominus rex (a hybrid of Abelisaurus, Carnotaurus, cuttlefish, Giganotosaurus, Majungasaurus, Rugops, tree frog, Tyrannosaurus rex, and Velociraptor DNA[a]). Upon inspection, he tells her he wants Owen Grady, a Velociraptor expert and trainer, to look for vulnerabilities in the Indominus enclosure.

Owen is approached by Vic Hoskins, the head of InGen security, who proposes using the Velociraptors (Blue, Charlie, Delta, and Echo) as weapons. However, one of the staff falls into the Velociraptor enclosure, forcing Owen to rescue him before barely escaping himself, proving that the raptors are not tame. Gray and Zach slip away from Zara and explore the park. Claire arrives at Owen’s bungalow, having previously been in a relationship with him, and tells him of Masrani’s request; he reluctantly agrees. After arriving at the enclosure, they find that the Indominus has seemingly scaled the wall and escaped. After Owen and two staff enter the enclosure to inspect it, the Indominus ambushes them, having faked her escape, and kills both staff before disappearing into the jungle. Owen escapes by hiding under a vehicle and cutting the fuel hose to douse himself in gasoline to hide his scent.

After an attempt to capture the Indominus fails, Claire closes off the northern part of the park. Gray and Zach are on the gyrosphere ride and drive it into the woods where they are attacked by the Indominus. They eventually stumble across the ruins of the old Jurassic Park’s Visitor Center, where they repair a jeep and drive toward Main Street, the park’s central hub. Owen and Claire arrive at the visitor center soon afterwards but are attacked by the Indominus. Masrani flies after the Indominus in his helicopter and follows her as she breaks into the Jurassic World Aviary. The Pteranodons and Dimorphodons attack the helicopter and cause it to crash into the aviary, killing Masrani and freeing the other pterosaurs inside.

Zach and Gray arrive back at Main Street as the pterosaurs begin attacking the congregated tourists. Zara finds them but is quickly picked up by a Pteranodon and dropped into Jurassic World Lagoon, where she and the Pteranodon are eaten by the park’s Mosasaurus. Owen and Claire arrive and reunite with Gray and Zach. Hoskins takes command of Jurassic World and decides to use the Velociraptors to find and kill the Indominus, with Owen reluctantly agreeing. However, the Indominus turns the Velociraptors against the InGen soldiers, killing most of them and allowing her to flee. Owen manages to escape. Meanwhile, Hoskins has Dr. Henry Wu, the park’s chief geneticist, board a helicopter with some of the dinosaur embryos.

After returning to Main Street and entering the Innovation Center, Owen, Claire, Zach, and Gray find Hoskins packing up the laboratory and the rest of the dinosaur embryos. He tells them he plans to turn the Indominus into a weapon. Suddenly, a Velociraptor appears and kills him. The four escape, only to be surrounded by the Velociraptors outside, where Owen manages to reestablish his connection with them. When the Indominus arrives, Owen and the Velociraptors attack her, but the Velociraptors are apparently killed. Realizing they are outmatched, Claire decides to open up the Tyrannosaurus enclosure and lure the female T. rex[b] into a fight with the Indominus. The T. rex is initially overpowered, but when the Velociraptor Blue reappears and attacks the Indominus, she strikes back. They both force the Indominus towards Jurassic World Lagoon, where the Mosasaurus lunges out and drags the Indominus to her death. The T. rex departs, but Blue shares one more moment with Owen before also leaving for the jungle. The survivors are evacuated to Costa Rica. Zach and Gray are reunited with their parents while Owen and Claire decide to stay together. On Isla Nublar, the T. rex surveys the destruction caused by the Indominus and roars.


So, this is the 4th entry into the franchise but, if you think about it, if anyone had common sense, we wouldn’t have a franchise. With the catastrophe that happened in Jurassic Park, you’d think people would stop messing with nature and making attractions/parks, but nope. Now we have Jurassic World!

What is this about?

Once a popular, state-of-the-art dinosaur-themed attraction, Jurassic Park has fallen behind the times. In response, the owners decide to design a bold new exhibit, but the terror it inspires becomes all too real after the technology malfunctions.

What did I like?

Honor your past. It would appear that this park is built on the same island as the original. A point is made to distance from that “tragedy”, as Jake Johnson’s character is wearing a Jurassic Park shirt (which he bought on eBay), but there is some reverence to be found. A point comes in the film when the boys are being chased that they happen into what appears to just be an old shed, but in fact is the main auditorium for the original park, complete with the jeeps. It is a nice throwback to the film that started it all.

Music. Think back to the original film when we very first saw the island. Remember hearing John Williams’ iconic, epic theme playing as the helicopter headed towards it? Well, a downfall of this film is that we don’t really get any epic moments like that, but the Williams’ theme is there. Michael Giacchino (you may best know him for doing the scores to The Incredibles, Lost, Alias, the new Star Trek films, etc.) did a masterful job of blending his score with Williams’ work. It is next to impossible to tell whose work is which and it all works for the tone of the film

On the right track. I will say this about the premise of this park, they are on the right track to getting the park right. Keeping the really dangerous dinosaurs, such as the T-Rex behind a heavily secured door, only to bring it out for food is a good thing, if you must have him. Training the raptors, also a good idea. The “kiddie park” part, where kids get to ride baby dinosaurs was priceless. So, we’re getting there, just need to stop messing with mother nature…more than they already are, of course.

Tag team. Not to spoil anything, but the final confrontation is something pretty epic as the humans and dinos, including the mosasurus, who lives in the water park part of the park combine forces and work in tandem. In the theater I was in, kids and adults were cheering. I’m sure they would have gotten up on their feet if they could have.

What didn’t I like?

Setup. I noticed some pretty big plot holes in this picture that just could not be overlooked. First, B.D. Wong, who is the only actor to return from the original film, takes the DNA samples and leaves the island. Second, there is this Black Ops reality show type security force that infiltrates the island after someone dies. Why do they do this and what gave them the authority? It is never explained. On one hand, I feel this is setting up for a sequel and, if that is the case, I will come back and rescind these comments. However, as it stands right now, it is almost as if crucial parts of the film that would explain what is going ended up on the cutting room floor, or were never written at all.

Pratt-fall. Chris Pratt is on a meteoric rise in Hollywood. He is a total bad-ass here, but I still can’t take the guy seriously. It isn’t because he cracked a few jokes, but because of his role on Parks & Recreation. I still haven’t separated him from Andy. In Guardians of the Galaxy, it wasn’t that much of a stretch because it felt at times as if Star Lord was Andy playing dress up. This is nothing against Pratt, he is a fine actor, I just need a bit more time before I see him in badass roles, I suppose.

Creation. Indominus Rex. The name alone should tell you this thing is bad news. A creature created from merging various aspects of other animals. It is raised in captivity and ate its sibling. Why on Earth is this thing still alive? Well, as someone pointed out, it represents the greed of today’s society. It was created because consumers wanted “bigger and better”.  I’m thinking why not just shoot a T-Rex with some steroids or something, not make a Frankenstein dinosaur. I really wonder if these people will ever learn!

I have to say Jurassic World was a fun time. Not only was this movie an enjoyable popcorn summer flick, but I was in a packed theater with people who actually cared to see the film, not text everyone, let their babies cry, or walk all over you to get out in important scenes. Maybe I need to come to Texas and visit my best friend everytime I want to see a movie in the theaters. HA! While this picture does have its issues, I feel it is a worth successor and the sequel we deserved to the original Jurassic Park. I am looking forward to seeing what happens with this franchise going forward. Do I recommend it? Yes, very much so!

4 1/2 out of 5 stars


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