Mad Max: Fury Road


The desert wastelands inhabited by the Road Warrior are still rife with motorized gangs in this fourth chapter of the Mad Max legend. When Max encounters a group of refugees fleeing for their lives, he joins them and their fiery leader, Furiosa.

What people are saying:

“Maybe a better name for it would have been Imperator Furiosa: Fury Road (ft. Mad Max) since Charlize Theron’s character is so prominent in the story line, but it is a great movie and it does feel like it takes place in the classic Mad Max universe. The Rat-Rod style vehicles are so much more over the top in this movie that Max Rockatansky’s V8 Interceptor seems tame in comparison this time. The characters are rich and unique in their deeds and their looks much to my delight. This movie has the best use of chrome paint in much the same way the James Bond film Goldfinger had the best use of gold paint. One critic stated that you will like Mad Max: Fury Road when you see it, but it isn’t until after you let it sink in for a while after you’ve seen it that you start to really love it.” 5 stars

“A movie without a plot or any reason for anything. Basically it’s a car chase across the desert that goes on way to long, then after they finally get away, they decide to go back and have another car chase through the desert that goes on way too long all over again. If you like mindless car chases that just keep on going and going, then you’ll enjoy this. But for us, it never really changed after ten minutes and then it just became repetitive without any purpose.” 2 stars

“This movie was ok it could have been a good comeback for the mad max movies but The story was boring and Tom Hardy never gave max if you want watch a good mad max watch The road warrior or Mad max.” 3 stars

“I didn’t want to like this film. The very first original Mad Max is and always will be my favorite. That said I can see what the people who love this film are talking about. It’s an epic almost operatic car chase film. None of the MM sequels really felt connected to the original MM but this one does a good job of continuing with and improving upon The Road Warrior and Beyond Thunder Dome. In a way this film feels a bit like 300, it has a certain hellish Greek orgy of death feel to it. It’s the kind of movie I want to turn away from, the kind of movie I’d like to say sucked but it sucked me in and for that I’ll forever be ashamed.” 3 stars

“I’ve never seen the original movies and won free passes to an advanced screening of Mad Max: Fury Road, and I thought it was amazing! The effects were stunning, the costumes outstanding, everything was fantastic. I loved how fast paced it was, held my interest the whole time, only glanced at my watch once. That’s how I judge a movie, how many times I look at my watch. It was right under two hours, but it was so fast paced, not boring at all!!! There are a ton of CGI effects, that’s what makes it great, the 3D was awesome, like you could reach out and touch stuff flying at you. I’ve only seen bits and pieces of the original and it looked boring to me. This was way more action packed, fast paced, I hope George Miller makes another new Mad Max movie.” 5 stars


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