Three Coins in the Fountain


Three American working women pin their hopes for love on wishes they make as they toss coins into the famous Trevi Fountain in Rome. Their wishes come true … but only after a series of dramatic misunderstandings on their quest for true romance.

What people are saying:

“Great cinematography, great music, and three fun and at the same time quite touching stories. Well acted by a group of dependable stars [including the always great Clifton Webb]. Maybe not one of the ‘great’ movies of the 1950’s, but certainly of of the most entertaining. Presented in beautiful widescreen by Fox with plenty of extras.” 5 stars

“The shes are secretaries Dorothy McGuire, Jean Peters and relentlessly cute Maggie McNamara, setting their caps respectively at, improbably, Clifton Webb, tiresomely, Rossano Brazzi, and more believably, Louis Jourdan. Sort of How to Marry a Millionaire, but not funny. And in italy.

The real stars of this comic melodrama, however, are a beautifully filmed Rome and the flogged-to-death title tune.” 2 stars

“Honestly…you just cant take this film seriously. Its the story of three women who have no other goal in life than to get married and move to Italy in order to do so. Aside from the shallow characters and ridiculous plot, the cinematography was good. However, it does not compensate for the rest of the movie. I suggest renting this film for how absolutely laughable it is, its scenery, and the opening song. ” 1 star

“If you know how to kick back, relax, suspend reality, and just enjoy a beautiful, romantic (albeit highly unrealistic) trip to another country brimming with history and culture, then you will enjoy this film. Yet if you are cynical, aged before your time, or too young to appreciate much, then you might want to skip this film. Look, the movie is really a showcase of Italy, with a sweet romantic story line that has a touch of the “fairytale” to it. (Secretaries living in posh villas and dating princes or famous literary authors? More imaginative than realistic for the most part.) So if you prefer movies that drag you through the harsh realities of life, this one might be too much for you. But if you can just use your imagination like you once did when you were young, and escape to another world that is more like a dream, then let it carry you away – and enjoy the view! It is Rome, after all” 4 stars

“Wow, the best thing about this movie is the scenery and (I would have to agree with another poster) the Frank Sinatra ‘theme’ song. The story, although appropriate to the 1950’s, is a bit too backward thinking for my 21st century mind. Three women who only want love and marriage make a wish in the Trevi fountain. The movie displays the role of women in the pursuit of different forms of love; young, forbidden, undying, eternal, and deceitful. Great film for it’s time but not now. Still if you like old fims and the actual pictures of Rome are nice (some are canned stills) and the womens fashions are great” 3 stars


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