Teen Beach 2


Modern day teens Mack and Brady get a real world visit from Lela, Tanner, Butchy, and other surfer and biker pals from the beach party film within a film, Wet Side Story.

What people are saying:

What can I say that 92 others haven’t already said? This is such a Disney Movie, is that meant in any kind of bad way? NO WAY. I love my Disney movies, well 98% of them. this one falls in that category. The terrific ones. Did you love the first “Teen Beach”? No reason at all not to love this one too. Wonderful stars, wonderful story, wonderful songs and singing and wonderful dance numbers. now let us look at the 4 prime stars, Leila, couldn’t find her real name sorry, is wonderful and sweet. Mack, Maia Mitchell, has to be a future star. Brady, Ross Lynch, dynamic voice and dancer and pretty easy on the eyes too. Now Tanner, goofy and lovable and seriously adorable played by Garrett Clayton, to me was the stand out.” 5 stars

Liked most of the music and Tanner is hysterical. But, it lacked the same charisma as the first. Mack is still whiney and I definitely hated the end in the “real world”. Kids: girls ages 4 and 12 got bored. I may have been the only one to sit through the whole thing.” 3 stars

A nice try to add on to a good thing. It has all the traditional Walt Disney sentiments and style. It doesn’t quite outdo the first edition, but it is still good family fun.” 4 stars

The movie was going great until the ending. I REALLY hated it because the whole point of the movie was Mack and Brady bonding over their memories on the beach, especially their experience in the Wet Side Story film from the first Teen Beach Movie. I just don’t understand why the filmmakers had to make it look like the two of them never met each other. Honestly, it kind of ruined the magic of the first film which kind of made the second movie very depressing. I would like for someone to let me know what the whole point of this film was because no matter how many times I think about it, I just don’t understand it. This movie did have decent music and dancing, but in my opinion, I wish this movie had never been made because the ending was not only upsetting, but it generally did not make any sense at all.” 1 star

Wasn’t what I was expecting. While the music was great the whole theme of the movie was off – especially the ending. I would have thought the movie would have been about the cast that suddenly appeared on the beach at the end of the first movie. About how they adjusted to life now instead of living in the movie. Very disappointing.” 1 star


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