88 follows Gwen, a young woman who comes to in a diner with no idea where she is or how she got there. Split between two timelines, blurring reality and fiction, Gwen gets taken on a revenge-fueled journey as she seeks out the person responsible.

What people are saying:

“Thoroughly enjoyed watching Katharine Isabelle chew up and spit out each scene. She’s such an underrated actress. The story was kind of bizarre with all the flashforwards and flashbacks but if you pay close enough attention you can easily follow the plot. Isabelle is perfect in this kind of role (kind of reminded me a bit of Mary from American Mary–conflicted, vulnerable, tough but has plenty of inner demons. The direction, by April Mullen, was also spot on. I’ve recently watched her other film (Dead Before Dawn) and was impressed, will be looking more for her work in the future. Also in the film are Christopher Lloyd, who makes a pretty convincing bad guy. Worth a watch if you like David Lynch type movies.” 4 stars

“I dozed off so many times during this movie and by the end I didn’t even bother to rewind it. The parts that I did catch seemed ok but it just couldn’t keep my interest. ” 2 stars

“The credits at the end of them movie were run in reverse. That defines the movie — Difficult to follow in real time. Good plot basis. Decent acting. Loved Christopher Lloyd and Christopher Ironside. Basically so many flashbacks, flash-forwards, and flash sideways that you werent’ sure which plane you were in. Get it? Very difficult to track. Otherwise a decent flick.” 3 stars

“When Gwen witnesses something surrounding the death of her dear boyfriend, she embarks on a plot for revenge. However, it is not Gwen who plots the revenge, it is her trauma induced personality, cold-hearted Flamingo, that gathers the strength to even the score…even though she walks in her own altered reality. Meanwhile, Gwen wakes up, unaware of Flamingo’s swath of murder and destruction, and finds herself running from a drug kingpin and the police. This is a fun Canadian film, featuring a good central cast and an interesting premise. While there are parts that come off a bit low-budget, the story still holds strong and Katharine Isabelle creates a magnetic performance. Fans of revenge films and Memento ought to like this movie.” 4 stars

“Waking in a diner with no idea how she got there, Gwen finds herself struggling to understand what is happening. She also seems to repeatedly find herself in violent situations, not knowing how she got there. 88 begins in the diner, as described, and moves forward explaining nothing. As the story evolves we begin to understand what is going on, but the film continues to present in a spastic, disjointed manner. Finally things are lightly tied together but not before we consume the required headache medication. The film jumps around so much, and presents scenes in such a way as to feel disconnected, that 88 is a tough film to watch. Acting was reasonably well done with Isabelle doing a decent job with a role that can only be described as chaotic and psychotic. It was nice seeing Lloyd in a more serious role, with which he did well. Ironside was well cast and along with the rest of the cast, did nicely. Camera work, sets, and backgrounds were all good with a solid, realistic feel. Action scenes were amusing, but saying they were well done is a stretch. Some were just absurdly unrealistic. Dialogue was thin and could have done more to flesh out the storyline. Sound and soundtrack were good. 88 may appeal to those who enjoy jigsaw puzzles, mysteries, or quirky film noir. Those wanting continuity, consistency, and coherence will likely be quite disappointed. With some foul language, sexuality, and plenty of graphic violence save this for older teens and above.” 2 stars


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