Bad Ass


Decorated Vietnam hero Frank Vega returns home only to get shunned by society leaving him without a job or his high school sweetheart. It’s not until forty years later when an incident on a commuter bus (where he protects an elderly black man from a pair of skin heads) makes him a local hero where he’s suddenly turns for the worse when his best friend Klondike is murdered and the police aren’t doing anything about it.

What people are saying:

“I had no idea this movie was based on the Epic Beard Man video, but it is, from the “I am a motherfucker” shirt, to the fanny pack. There is even gratuitous use of the term “leakin'” to refer to bleeding and a call for someone to “bring a amberlamps.” This movie is filled with horrible acting and abhorrent one-liners. The plot is 84 minutes of nonsense poorly twisted and woven throughout a 6 minute Youtube video. I wish I had just watched the original video, which I’ve already seen countless times, nonstop consecutively for 90 minutes instead of watching this. I’m honestly surprised I watched the entire thing.” 1/2 star

“Let’s include everything from a youtube video and use it as a theme for a film…

Wait… it has to have terrible dialogue and a battle with buses.

Of course… sounds like a brilliant idea.” 1 star

“Love the spaghetti gangster stuff, Danny is a 71 year old Jason Statham. Imagine 25 years later … when you are on social security and bored and a Nam vet … why not. Every bit as good as a senior citizen James Bond.” 4 1/2 stars

“Good film..really enjoyed it…tonight I watched 3 top Hollywood blockbusters battleship,the dictator and the raven and this one low budget unheard of film called bad ass was by far the best one….it’s nothing spectacular but it’s entertaining good story and best of all the good film” 3 stars

“You think your a bad ass, I think not. You are know BADASS. Not as bad ass as this film. This movie is so frigging awesome. Its like they took and old Charles Bronson film and smacked it with transporter, and sprinkled it was the best way to actually be one of those b movies that just kicks your ass. Its nice to see a cool small flick like this that just is what it is. Finally a movie that doesn’t need a car to be cool, just a transit pass on the bus to kick your ass. Machete, HellBoy, Fortune, I know who they really are, and a lot of other talent in this film makes it a lot of fun too watch.” 5 stars


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