Vampire Academy


At St. Vladimir’s Academy, Rose Hathaway learns to navigate life as a dhampir, a half-human vampire, and prepares to become a leader of the Moroi. But outside the walls of St. Vlad’s lurk the Strigoi, the Moroi’s vicious immortal enemies.

What people are saying:

“I figure this movie was made for 16 year olds, but it was also apparently written by one. Horrible writing, overly dramatic acting. Nothing new or unique about this movie, yet it managed to be confusing. If you’ve reached puberty there’s nothing to see here. ” 1 star

“A really good movie in my opinion. Definitely a must see if you are into sci-fi ish movies with vampires. It was actually the best movie i have seen in like 2 years it was really interesting and i never wanted to pause the movie. It has a wide range of genres like romantic in some parts, mysterious and funny. Absolutely love it!!!!!!!!! Have to watch it!!!!” 5 stars

“I enjoy a good YA novel and am not turned away by the genera or movies based on those books. But this movie was only OK. It suffers from an extremely rushed plot, lack of character development, and some questionable scenes by secondary actors. I’ve not read it, but it seems clear that they’re attempting to get everything from the novel into the movie, and I applaud the attempt. The Divergent movie does this as well and successfully. Reluctantly though, In this case perhaps some cutting is in order for the sake of the movie format.” 3 stars

“If you want a good example of a modern vampire flik, this isn’t it. It’s a movie for teenagers about teenagers with supernatural abilities. The characters talk with modern slang with typical teen-tv wit. It’s not a particularly original plot, but it’s a formula designed for it’s audience. I’m not ripping on it. These movies are fun when you’re at the right age. Just make sure you’re the right audience for it.” 2 stars

“This is a horrible rendition of a wonderful series of books. I can’t believe how much it was butchered. The casting was just awful. I found myself just wanting to slap Lissa and Rose through out the whole thing. Tons of stuff was left out. I know they can’t make a movie with everything in it that’s in the book, but they left out some important things, and then just changed things that wouldn’t have ever happened in the books. Kirova would have never tried to sedate Rose in her office or anywhere for that matter. She also wouldn’t have given permission for Rose to watch classified stuff. Things they found out about in the book came from Christian and sleuthing, where in the movie they decided to just turn all that good work into just “Oh, I found stuff on Mia’s computer!” or “Here’s a dvd, go watch it!” BS. The books are an extremely good read. If I had watched the movie first, I would have never picked up the book at all. And Dimitri is supposed to be a hot god-like guardian who is 6’7″. They made him look average at best, and the story line should have shown more of the Rose/Dimitri relationship starting since that’s a huge part of the story and actually is important for the rest of the series if they can even get financing for another terrible movie. ” 1 star


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