Do Not Disturb


Doris Day stars as a wife jealous because her businessman husband spends more time with his attractive secretary than with her. Deciding to turn the tables, she invents a secret admirer. But the joke’s on her when her fantasy man comes to life.

What people are saying:

“This is a Doris Day screwball comedy that was a lot of fun to watch. Done a bit later in her career and she still has that winning small and no fail attitude. And you also get to see her love of animals in this film as she adopts all sorts…. There is no singing/dancing, but you do get to see Doris drunk and doing a little bit of the shimmy – good clean fun to watch” 3 stars

“I aDORe Day movies but this one is deservedly obscure. It is flat, airless, strained, and neither romantic nor comic. She and Rod are much more fun in GLASS BOTTOM BOAT” 2 stars

“Everyone likes Doris Day….but not in this clunker of a movie. The acting is strained, the comedy set-ups simply DON’T WORK, and the plot is a hodge podge of really poor ideas. Spare yourself some real pain, and avoid this bomb at all costs.” 1 star

“Talk about “The Secret” coming to like – this film a great, very cute, example of the Law of Attraction at work! Doris doesn;t know what she is in for when she conjures up an illicit lover.” 5 stars

“So glad I ignored the other reviews: a wealthy American couple moves to England and has to settle in and better tune their marriage, as well as well navigate the “looser” European standards for business success. Doris Day is delightful with her physical comedy and beautiful to boot. Rod Taylor plays the successful, handsome husband well. The horny decorator is a great addition; as is the assuming and disapproving real estate lady. Madcap comedy perfect for a light romp, nothing heavy to weigh you down if you want something light, madcap & fluffy. Wardrobe is awesome; Sets and setting divine. This is an adorable movie, like her others.” 4 stars


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