Da Sweet Blood of Jesus


While researching the history of a little-known empire, anthropologist Hess Greene comes across an ancient dagger that is shortly used to murder him. When he wakes up unharmed, Greene discovers that he’s developed an acute appetite for human blood.

What people are saying:

“When Spike Lee said he had to crowdfund ‘Da Sweet Blood of Jesus’ because no studio would let him make it, that made us think “Oh, because its going to be a non-commercial, challenging, artistic movie.” But what it actually meant is “No studio would ever allow a filmmaker to actually make a film this embarrassing.” 1/2 star

“Wow, what a hot mess of a movie. The stilted acting, low budget, black empowerment themes layered ironically with black exploitation, and basic gratuitous nudity make it feel like a bad 70’s horror movie for good reason. It is in fact almost a scene for scene copy of the 1973 film Ganja & Hess. I think it would have worked much better if it had been modernized, otherwise why not just watch the original?” 3 stars

“This movie is just terrible. Don’t watch it. The performances are terrible. The movie is too long. The soundtrack leads to awful shifts in tone and it feels as though a lot of the film was left on the cutting room floor. The movie felt too long, but also felt completely unfinished and unsatisfying. How does that work? It doesn’t. ” 1 star

“This movie had a lot of promise. A great backdrop: Martha’s Vineyard. Very good actors and overall creepy theme. However, Spike messed it up with bad directing. The beauty shots were great, but there wasn’t a story or it was told poorly. Quite frankly, I had no idea what was going on. The opening dance sequence didn’t match the film at all. The music score was off and the long church scene was weird and included horrible singers. I’d say the film is watchable but don’t expect it to make sense. Just enjoy the beautiful photography, great African art and lovely clothes. ” 2 stars

“An attempt at a disturbing vampire movie but ends up coming off weirdly racist and needing five hundred less sex scenes” 1 1/2 stars


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