None-too happy about moving to a small Maryland town, teen Zach Cooper finds his outlook changing after meeting the gorgeous girl next door, Hannah Stine — whose reclusive father happens to be hiding a big secret

What people are saying:

“not too scary not too boring. just the right amount of creep and scares along with the proportional amount of humor.
really likes the character of slappy the dummy and Mr. R.L. Stine and the cast of goosebumps” 4 1/2 stars

“For what it was, it was very well done. Lots of jumping around action that kids and the adults that go with them enjoy. I’ve seen better movies in this genre (Jumanji, which it has been compared to…Night at the Museum, too), but it was still good enough. Jack Black almost always a fun watch…and Odeya Rush is a beautiful young woman that teens should heat thump over). Some of the story seemed contrived and plotting often felt like ‘an afterthought,” 4 stars

“After a few years of development hell, the filmmakers decided to try and cram all of R.L. Stine’s book creations into one movie.The result is a movie overstuffed with horror things, but never scary due to its breakneck pace and lack of character development. There’s no big twist either that is also present in Goosebumps books, so it comes off as a rather frivolous affair than anything memorable.” 2 stars

“Frustrating disappointment. This film has all the elements of a great movie: good cast, good story, photography, sets, great F/X, even a Danny Elfman score! The problem is that it never “comes together”. It almost does, but ultimately it fails & becomes tedious. It could have been on a level with THE MONSTER SQUAD if only, if only, if only…” 1 star

“I grew up reading and watching goosebumps and when I heard about this film I had to take a look in to it. This film is enjoyable and everything I wanted from a move based on the horror children books, the film has a good cast, good plot, good and evil charters and in no way does this film disappoint in any way.” 4 stars


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