The Brainiac


This outrageous Mexican horror gem opens in the 17th century, where Spanish Baron Vitelius is being sentenced to death for heresy, thanks to his reputation as a Casanova and practitioner of the black arts. Before his death, he curses the bloodlines of the Inquisitors — a curse heralded by the appearance of a comet, which Vitelius declares will mark his vengeance when it passes again. Flash forward 300 years to the swinging ’60s, where the comet does more than just appear in the sky — it slams into the Earth, releasing a brain-sucking demon with a forked tongue, which then transforms into the shape of Vitelius.

What people are saying:

“A mysterious man with magical powers (which are never explained) is burnt alive by the Spanish Inquisition, then returns 300 years later to wreak his vengeance on the descendants of the celibate clergymen who condemned him. Fast moving Mexican silliness that’s famous (and worth seeing) for the ridiculous (but kind of creepy) monster with the three foot long forked tongue.” 2 1/2 stars

“You MUST see this movie!” It’s strange. It’s hilarious. It’s an absolute must see. What are the odds that a movie known as The Brainiac would prove to be so gleefully insane?” 4 stars

“It takes itself so seriously and actually sort of works at times as a slow burning, Dracula-esque horror film. What makes the whole thing fall into B-movie hilarity is the ridiculous monster. It’s like the fly crossed with the devil. It’s so bizarre seeing this movie building up suspense and drama (and it’s heavy on the dialogue by the way) only to flush that down the toilet real quick with the costume they used. The problem is this movie falls kind of in the middle somewhere. It’s not bad in a Plan 9, let’s riff this movie kind of way. Whenever the monster isn’t on screen it’s just fairly generic (almost a bit past its time) horror b-movie. When the monster is on screen it does fall into the Plan 9 territory. But overall it is just stuck in the middle and not good, but not that bad, and definitely not that funny.” 2 1/2 stars

“It’s the kind of outrageous movie that it’s impossible to get mad at. This is a movie that’s so ridiculously goofy that, if it were to come out today, it would torn to shreds, but because it came out in a time, it’s a movie for that time. However, it is definitely good for some corny thrills on a late October night.” 4 stars

“Pretty wild Mexican horror. You can’t call it good, but it’s entertaining.” 3 stars


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