The River’s Edge


Ben Cameron (Anthony Quinn) and wife Meg (Debra Paget) struggle to build their small ranch in New Mexico desert. Bad guy bank robber Nardo Denning (Ray Milland) arrives in New Mexico looking for his girlfriend and her husband. At gunpoint, Nardo forces the couple to guide him safely to Mexico with the stolen money. Meg has a past with Nardo which her husband does not know.

What people are saying:

“This melodrama is a bit campy, but the high production values and a good cast make it entertaining. There are plenty of dramatic scenarios.” 3 stars

“A simple production (mainly just a cast of three throughout in the western wilderness) turns out to be an entertaining chase movie, although the emphasis is more on the character relationships than the pursuit. Anthony Quinn is the only stand-out performance though.” 3 stars

“A somewhat pulpy crime classic featuring a very bad ass Ray Milland, a suitcase filled with cash, and quite an interesting – if quite well worn plot. This is as vibrantly shot as it is entertaining, with a decent level of pacing. And once the opening sequence begins you’d assume this is a full-on romantic flick, but it’s not. In fact this quite a surprisingly violent film at times, with real flashes of sharp bite that still hold up even today. There may not be a whole lot here in terms of depth, but as far as relatively tough, censor pushing Hollywood pictures go that passers the time without ever really dragging its feet then look no further.”

“Good thriller with a dark edge and reasonably datk for 1957.Milland is trying to get over the border with a case full of loot. He hijacks a wilderness guide and his wife with whom he has ad a fling. The rest of the story is an exciting but modest tale. Great perfomance from the psychopathic Milland with equally effective perfomances from Quinn and Paget. ” 3 1/2 stars

“Not a western but a well shot and performed drama set in the West. The story is rather ordinary but benefits from the role reversal of Milland, usually the hero and Quinn, often the heavy but in opposite roles here. Even at the relatively brief running time the script could have been tightened a bit but overall a good film. One caveat-it would take a great deal to make a woman as stunning as Debra Paget was in her prime look bad but the filmmakers almost achieve that feat. Saddled with unflattering makeup and frightening Lucille Ball red hair that never moves no matter what travail she is enduring her beauty is almost completely obscured.” 2 1/2 stars

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