The Wood


When a reluctant bridegroom suddenly disappears on his wedding day, his best friends have only two hours to retrieve him from the home of his high school sweetheart, get him sober and cure him of his cold feet.

What people are saying:

“Choppy coming-of-age story.” 2 1/2 stars

“HATE movies where they “break the 4th wall” and talk to the camera narrating everything directly to you like you are there. It destroys the illusion and cheapens the experience. If you’re doing a good job, SHOWING INSTEAD OF TELLING, it doesn’t require narration. Regardless of the high reviews I couldn’t make it past first few minutes of exposition and found it unbearably tedious.” 1 star

“Overall it is a very light film that has a plot in a very basic sense but is really more of a nostalgic trip down the teenage years that is told with honesty and humour.The Wood was also a breath of fresh air.” 4 1/2 stars

“Three handsome men, an upcoming wedding, and flashbacks from childhood. I couldn’t ask for more, and don’t get me started on the soundtrack. This movie is a classic and no matter where or how you grew up, anyone can appreciate it. This is so much more than a “black” movie because it has everything a good movie should have–a great story line, phenomenal cast, and terrific ending. This is an “anybody” film, not just relegated to the African American community, because anybody can relate to these characters. Get some popcorn and chill, but beware of the vomit scene if seeing that kind of thing ruins your appetite. The rest of the film more than makes up for it though, just in case you do.” 5 stars

“What I love about this movie is that it shows the story of friends growing up and the bad things they get into during it before proceeding with a modern day wedding. They tell it so well that it’s like being at the wedding live watching a slideshow. There’s a lot a guy goes through in becoming a man and this movie shows a lot of it.” 5 stars


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