Drive Hard


Former racecar driver Peter Roberts (Thomas Jane) traded the winner’s circle for a beginners driving instructor. But his life shifts into overdrive when mysterious out-of-towner Simon Keller (John Cusack) shows up for a driving lesson.

What people are saying:

“Big fan of John Cusack, but I can only assume producers had kidnapped his entire family, before making him take part in such a big stinking turd-bomb. Drive Hard… to avoid this movie at all costs!!! ” 1/2 star

“You probably won’t want to watch this but you should. The gunfire effects are somewhat cheesy, the image isn’t terribly high-def but the script crackles and the acting is great (everyone involved) and it’s solidly directed. Just watch it for a while and get past the low-budgetness. Worth your time. I think the negative reviewers may haven’t actually watched the film?” 4 star

“Painful to watch. Only one decent car chase and it wasn’t even with one of the classic cars. Thomas Jane’s character was such a wuss and John Cusack was just annoying the whole time. Total waste of time.” 2 stars

“light on crime, light on comedy. shame. could’ve been much better” 1 star

“I expected a routine action flick but got a funny caper film that I really enjoyed. I like John Cusack and think he is one of those fine actors who can speak volumes with his eyes and facial expressions. Thomas Jane was amusing although I hated the hair/wig/dead animal perched on his head. All in all, a satisfying movie.” 3 stars

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