Teacher’s Pet


Hard-nosed newspaperman Jim Gannon (Clark Gable) pretends to be a night-school student to woo journalism teacher Erica Stone (Doris Day) in this romantic comedy. Forced by his editor to do a story on journalism courses, Gannon attends a lecture and is taken with the lovely Erica. He assumes a new name, enrolls in her class and tries to romance her, but first he has to get Erica’s smarty-pants fiancé (Gig Young) out of the picture.

What people are saying:

“Oldie but a goody. A die hard newspaper editor and a news teacher clash together. Two opposite sides of the idea how a newspaper should be run.” 5 stars

“Clark Gable in the autumn of his career and Doris Day right in the middle of hers, it shouldn’t work, but it does. Special mention goes to the late great Gig Young. He steals the film for me.” 3 stars

“Great classic film, with true acting and honesty. I am in love with Gables false dull wit and charm. And this was hands down hilarious, but in scintillating witty way. Believable romance too, beautifully written. A great story that highlights the value of education and experience” 5 stars

“Doris Day hardly comes to mind when you think of Gable’s great on-screen loves, but somehow this really works. Gable is exceedingly believable. A few laughs along the way, and you can call this one a pretty good time.” 3 stars

“A fun movie, one of Clark Gable’s better later efforts. Doris Day is well cast and does a fine job. They work surprisingly well together. Gig Young steals the show though, in a supporting role. Very entertaining. ” 3 1/2 stars


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