Keanu is no ordinary cat, but is the feline worth dying for? That’s the question two buddies find themselves pondering when they masquerade as drug dealers to infiltrate the criminal gang who snatched their kitty.

What people are saying:

“It’s a glorified episode of Key and Peele that has enough humor to cover up the pure nonsense. Keanu combines cute-kitty love & the quirky duo of its leads for a silly, wacky film that is senseless to its core but capable of a good number of laughs along the way. ” 3 1/2 stars

“More consistently funny, with a better plot, than I thought it would be. And absolutely must for Key & Peele fans!” 5 stars

“Original and very funny. Finally, a comedy with new jokes. Every time the kitten ran in slow motion it killed me. Smart and very funny without being crude or predictable. Thank you.” 5 stars

“I’m now a Key and Peele fan bigtime. Keanu pokes fun at urban cliches even while indulging in them. The characters however mean and tough all have a sympathetic human side. Like Nathan Jr in Raising Arizona, Keanu the cat is appealing to good guys and bad guys alike” 4 stars

“Funny and surprisingly good mix of action. 10 times better than those Kevin Hart movies. Geniunly funny and well written.” 3 stars


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