Hot Pursuit


Assigned to protect the sexy widow of a drug kingpin, a straitlaced Texas police detective is forced to take flight with her precious cargo when an assortment of bad cops and ruthless hit men start closing in on the pair.

What people are saying:

“The film relies far too heavily on the reputations of its two leads and there’s very little that surprises throughout the film and it never really even commits to the ‘odd-couple’ dynamic.” 2 stars

“LOVED IT AND DIDN”T hear the F WORD USE one time so refreshing!!! If you enjoy slapstick, odd couples stuff, and silliness, you will probably like this movie. Reese Witherspoon has shown her comic abilities in many earlier films, and she does it again here. Not the best comic I have seen but worth watching and leave you with a big smile at the end” 4 stars

“One of those wannabe-crazy comedies where you almost feel sorry for the stars as they get up to such loudly dorky shenanigans (or you would if they weren’t so annoying)” 2 1/2 stars

“What a huge disappointment. A massive waste of the usually brilliant Reese Witherspoon and further proof that Sofia Vergara has nothing going for her except looks. When she plays something other than than a loud, gobby Latino I might change my mind. But I don’t think subtle is in her repertoire. I had hoped this might be another ‘The Heat’ but clearly I was very much mistaken!” 1 star

“Disappointing as a movie and a comedy. How does the girl growing up in the back seat of her daddy’s cruiser become such a one dimensional, world is black and white idiot? The answer is lazy writing, and the result is the worst performance I have ever seen from Witherspoon. I would expect that girl to not only be an expert on police procedures, but also world-wise and savy to people. Not that she gets all the blame. Rather, her character typifies the rest of the film, which is a poorly written pile of trash that is barely watchable. Rather than comedy, it is more like nails on a chalkboard. If you must watch this, find a way to see it for free, because any money you spend on it is wasted.” 2 stars


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