That’s Entertainment!


MGM musical numbers from the introduction of sound in the late ’20s through to the 1950s, possibly with Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, and Judy Garland getting the most coverage. Linked by some of the stars who worked at MGM handing the commentary on one to another.

What people are saying:

“‘Boy, do we need it now’ was catchphrase when this MGM musical salute was first released–and it stands even more today.” 5 stars

“That’s entertainment indeed! I do not particularly care for musicals, but when some of the best musical numbers ever made are all pieced together, it is phenomenal. Incredibly interesting and fascinating. Historically important film. Great narration.” 4 stars

“I liked all the compiliations of musicals but it’s pretty much a marathon of shows. I would rather see musicals with plots. ” 1 1/2 stars

“The MGM musical equivalent of a clip show. Some of the edited down sequences make me sad (take note, MGM special edition gnomes), but the overall breadth of material is awesome.” 4 stars

“Sure, it’s just a video compilation piece, no different than something the History Channel might’ve produced, but if one has grown up watching the films in this compilation it transforms before your eyes, assuming the teary qualities of a deathbed goodbye of a hypochondriac, weakly whispering “remember the good times when …” into your ear. You know that they’re not dying, but nonetheless feel the strings of your heart pulled anyway and have to admire the work of a master manipulator despite yourself.” 5 stars


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