Home Alone


Home Alone is the highly successful and beloved family comedy about a young boy named Kevin (Macaulay Culkin) who is accidentally left behind when his family takes off for a vacation in France over the holiday season. Once he realizes they’ve left him home alone, he learns to fend for himself and, eventually has to protect his house against two bumbling burglars (Joe Pesci, Daniel Stern) who are planning to rob every house in Kevin’s suburban Chicago neighborhood.

What people are saying:

“Macaulay Culkin is arguably one of the best child actors to ever hit the big screen. Home Alone shows how he can take the spotlight and entertain any viewer. With an addition of the Wet Bandits’ hilarious antics and physical humor this is a very strong Christmas comedy that should be watched every year.” 4 1/2 stars

“A true holiday classic! I watch this movie almost every Christmas and it never seems to get old. The movie has pretty much everything; family conflicts, crime, action, comedy, and is also great for kids! If you haven’t seen this yet – now is the perfect time!!” 5 stars

“Home Alone has not aged well, but it’s still a well made film. John Hughes started losing his touch right around here. The John Williams score is great. Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern are perfect as the bumbling crooks. Who would’ve thought that? Macaulay Culkin was definitely one of the best, most spirited child actors of all time. Watching this as a 32-year old adult it just doesn’t have the same magic it did when I was a kid.” 3 stars

“Classic jokes and an all-star cast make this a great movie to revisit. Fast paced silliness accompanied by a variety of Christmas music entertains the whole family. We tend to forget about the vast array of characters and side-stories in this movie aside from Kevin (Macaulay) and the burglars.” 5 stars

“This is the movie as a kid that proved to me that laughter is great medicine. I was pretty sick the day my dad took me to see this in the theaters and walked out of the theater feeling much better. Great script by John Hughes and full of slapstick greatness by Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern.” 4 stars


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