Meet the Blacks


After obtaining a great deal of money, the patriarch (Mike Epps) of a black family decides they should move from Chicago to a posh neighborhood in Beverly Hills. However, they are soon terrorized by home intruders who want them out of the affluent community in this comedic spoof of the Purge films.

What people are saying:

“The movie as a whole is such an incompetent train wreck, you can’t look away, just to see how much worse it can get.” 1 star

“Totally surprised me that the movie was funny. The family left chicago for beverly hills, at first was really boring but then the movie picked up speed with every new character. The whole cast added charm with their wants, lacks, needs, fears and strengths.  ” 4 stars

“So bad it’s funny half the time, and just plain unenjoyable the other half, it’s a weak movie that only manages to make the Purge look worse than it already did. The horrendous editing, “cinematography” and stock noises make it appear as if the cast was also the crew.” 2 1/2 stars

“Lackluster and lacking. I guess it serves the purpose of what is meant to be, but it was even weak to be slapstick comedy. This is more for teens or those persons who aren’t really concerned with a script, point or direction.” 1 star

“Meet the Blacks is a painfully unfunny spoof of The Purge. Mike Epps tries in the lead role. But his character just isn’t likable or funny. The other actors are fine, just not funny. The biggest problem with this film is the script. The jokes don’t land. A lot of the humor is just racist. The film also fails at being a parody. The film doesn’t really spoof anything. It just takes place while the Purge happens. The story isn’t entertaining, but I could’ve forgiven that if the film landed any jokes. I literally fell asleep towards the end of the film. Overall, this pales in comparison to the Scary Movie franchise and even the A Haunted House movies. And those aren’t even good!” 1/2 star


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