Ride Along 2


In this riotous sequel to Ride Along, hardboiled cop James Payton is again riding with the panic-prone Ben Barber as the pair attempts to solve a case that takes them to the sun-drenched shores of Miami.

What people are saying:

“Ride Along 2 – propelled by an unintelligent, predictable story line and enough gunplay and explosions to eradicate a small nation – is good for a few belly laughs. But not much more.” 2 stars

“This movie is okay its just not very funny and its a bit cheesy and corny. The plot of the movie is very predictable also and the ending of the movie is not very dramatic or exciting. The first one was definitely better. However, this is the perfect movie for to throw on in the background of a movie or to get a date to come over and hangout” 3 stars

“Slightly better than the first one. Ice Cubes’s perpetual snarling is boring and Hart’s yapping is often irritating but the script and story are marginally improved. Olivia Munn shows a few flashes of comedic potential when she channels her geekness like from her Attack of the Show days.” 3 stars

“Petty much the same as the first one Kevin Hart carrying the movie with a few little chuckles now and them, and a crappy forgettable story what should be simple. But it does have a pretty fun sound track.” 2 1/2 stars

“It’s a fun movie and does what it’s supposed to do; and that’s to make us laugh. Someone wrote that of all the movies Will Ferrell has been in, this movie he didn’t turn off. Well, Will is not in this movie. I don’t know if the RA movie series is going to go to a third and fourth, a la Lethal Weapon,but I can see it happening. Of course, Ben gets married in this movie, so I guess #3 & #4 would show his kids (of course, he’ll have to have kids). Don’t analyze this movie too much or you’ll mess up your acceptance of the plot lines.” 3 stars


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