Turner & Hooch


Tom Hanks stars as fastidious detective Scott Turner, who’s saddled with a slobbering new partner: a dog named Hooch. The pup’s previous owner was killed, and he and Turner team up to collar the culprit.

What people are saying:

“From the moment when Hooch first appears to the strains of Strauss’ ‘Also sprach Zarathustra’, the gags can be smelt a mile off, and the thriller elements are as hackneyed as an episode of Murder She Wrote.” 2 stars

“I didn’t expect to like this movie at all and was pleasantly surprised. You can’t go too far wrong with Tom Hanks, though. Of course the dog is going to eat the shoes and furniture and slobber all over Tom, but if you look beyond that, the relationship between the man and dog is portrayed very well and realistically. Nice characters, sometimes funny, sometimes sad, but overall very enjoyable film! ” 3 stars

“This movie is super fun, and highlights a great relationship between man and man’s best friend. It was funny at times and thrilling at times, but I would mainly characterize this movie as sentimental. Tom Hanks is a superb actor and there was never a dog who could have played a better hooch.” 4 stars

“I watched this movie back in the 80’s and thought I would watch it again. I couldn’t make it through this movie more than 40 minutes. I love Tom Hanks and he was great but that ugly DROOLING dog, YUCK. Too much of the movie was focused on scenes of the dog destroying things, growling, barking, and drooling on everything. It just makes you want to throw up. ” 2 stars

“Tom Hanks is an obsessive-compulsive cop who takes in a filthy, slobbish French Mastiff when it’s the only witness to a murder. Basically The Odd Couple with a dog. It’s predictable and formulaic to the bone, but hits a strange nerve that allows us to overlook its shortcomings and appreciate the sweetness of the ride. Hanks is largely to thank for that, at the top of his game very early in his dramatic career. Though a few not-so-surprising supporting actors pop in from time to time, (Reginald VelJohnson as a policeman? What a shock!) it’s almost entirely a one-man show that sails beyond expectations on the merits of his lone performance. In fact, the closest competition is Beasley the dog, who’s absurdly emotive and personable throughout the film. He and Hanks make for a great team, as silly as that might sound, and it’s easy to tell that a lot of their best scenes were ad-libs that miraculously avoided the cutting room floor. Funny, bittersweet movie magic that really has no business being as entertaining as it is.” 4 stars


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