Bad Ass 2: Bad Asses


Since we last saw Frank, he followed his dream and opened a Community Center in East Los Angeles where he mentors young boxers, not only in the ring, but in life. He often visits a liquor store run by a former hockey player, Bernie Pope. When his prized student, Manny, gets in over his head with a bad crowd and winds up dead, Frank and Bernie team up, finding themselves ensnared in one life-threatening predicament after another. Forced to escape using the only weapons they have – their wits and their fists – they must survive the onslaught of fury that is brought upon them and Frank’s new found love from a high powered, politically connected foe, Leandro (Andrew Divoff).

What people are saying:

“It’s not to be taken seriously. It’s not to be taken realistically. It’s made for fans of Danny Trejo.” 2 stars

“Not at all what I was expecting. A very warmhearted, funny action movie. Danny Trejo and Danny Glover are wonderful geezer warriors together, and there are lots of homages to my favorite movies throughout. When Trejo says, “We don’t need no stinkin'” badges, it’s the perfect train wreck.” 3 stars

“Fans of the first film and/or Danny Trejo will enjoy this sequel to Bad Ass (although you don’t need to see the first one to understand the story). A fun action comedy that’s even more ridiculous than the first one, with a good chemistry between Trejo and Danny Glover who are, literally, “too old for this s**t”.” 4 stars

“This was actually really good. I liked the first movie, didn’t know how i would stick to this one. CGI isnt great for some of it, but kinda adds to it at the same time. This is a grade a cheesy action flick, and was quite humorous and enjoyable. That said, if farting, a lot of cursing, or plain out “bad jokes” are not your thing, avoid” 4 stars

“This is what B-movie action is all about – old actors we love as the means, just enough emotional pretense to provide a motive, a cohesive and simple story as the opportunity. Doesn’t take itself too seriously, but doesn’t go so bonkers off the wall either (like The Expendables franchise or Machete 2); this one sits firmly at the uncanny peak of “so on-purpose bad it’s great.” Perfectly executed for what it was meant to be, just a fun beat-up-the-bozos flick. No Oscars will be won here, but the entertainment value is quite high. If you don’t enjoy this, B-action just isn’t for you.” 5 stars


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