An American Werewolf in London


After surviving a vicious werewolf attack that left his friend dead, an American backpacker in London becomes a murderous werewolf himself. Prowling the streets of London, he learns that his living-dead victims will wander in limbo until he’s dead.

What people are saying:

“…curious but oddly endearing mixture of horror film and spoof, of comedy and shock, with everything grist to its mill including tourist Britain and the wedding of Prince Charles. The special effects are notable and signalled new developments in this field” 4 stars

“Not just gory but actually frightening, not just funny but clever, ‘American Werewolf…’ has its flaws, but these are outweighed by the film’s many, mighty strengths.” 4 stars

“Once the audience realizes that the movie is not meant to be taken seriously it has already reached the halfway point of the film. Up until this point, it is difficult to connect with the two lead characters because of their frustratingly idiotic decisions and dialogue. However, once the film finally reveals itself as a form of satire, the previously dumbfounding scenes, as well as the the rest of the film, can be seen as intentional and oddly charming. All the parts of good black comedy are there, along with some stellar practical effects and designs that still hold up today. However, the film struggles with delivery and seems almost unfinished.” 3 stars

“I’m disappointed after watching this movie. I thought it was going to be way better. Way to many dreams about the dead brother, and Wolf Nazis. Also for some reason a nurse takes some one who clearly is mental home with her, and fell in love with him. Everyone is also a jerk in this movie, and all children can say is “No.” The first 15 minutes of this film was epic though. Also it was entertaining, and good I’m just disappointed.” 3 stars

“If it weren’t rated R, this movie would be worthy of Mystery Science Theatre 3000. Nearly everyone in here is either unlikable, a moron, or both. The special effects were awful (from the blood, to the make-up, to the Halloween store bought masks/costumes), and people didn’t behave in believable ways. Ex: “We are 2 American tourists, back-backing in a strange country, at night, in the cold. Let’s leave the pub, and hike off in the middle of the night. And let’s ignore the warnings of everyone in the pub, and hike though the middle of the moors, instead of sticking to the road”. Or “This man is not only a patient of mine whom I know virtually nothing about, but is also apparently very delusional. I think that I’ll take him out of the hospital (against doctors’ orders) for a stroll, tell him that I live alone, then take him up to my apartment and have a one-night stand with him” Or “The ghost of my dead friend who was killed by a monster, warned me that unless I kill myself, I’ll turn into a werewolf and kill people. his warning came true, but I still won’t kill myself, no matter how many people I kill”. Teen Wolf was better than this. ” 2 stars


One Response to “An American Werewolf in London”

  1. Lol at those last 2 reviews

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