Dressed to Kill


In this entry in the Michael Shayne detective series, the smart-alec sleuth is at the altar with his bride when shots ring out from a nearby theater. He immediately runs to investigate. He soon finds a series of murders with one thing in common. They are all related to a single stage production. Each victim is discovered wearing a costume from the drama. Shayne soon discovers that the killer is a jilted porter whose actress-lover dumped him. Unfortunately for the enthusiastic gumshoe, his fiancee, disgusted by his love of solving mysteries, dumps him.

What people are saying:

“At just 74 minutes Dressed to Kill is innocuous fun, though like most of Fox’s mysteries from the period it leans heavily on the charm of its actors rather than the ingenuity of its writing” 3 stars

“…benefits from a powerhouse supporting cast and the effectively moody cinematography of Glenn MacWilliams” 3 1/2 stars

“Alright, this wasn’t fantastic or gripping as a mystery, but it did make me laugh more than most comedies, so I did end up liking it. The abundant smugness was fun to watch by itself, and there were so many witty quips…and it was full of clothes-porn; I probably would have liked just watching it without the dialogue, or the dialogue without the movie. Basically, I liked pretty much everything about this. And the stork line, I copied that down.” 4 stars

“Ohh it was not good. Poor acting, uninteresting characters, and of course I don’t love the hysterical woman/suuuper-awk racial stereotyping…yikes.” 1 1/2 stars

Dressed to Kill is one of the most enjoyable ‘B’ movies I’ve ever seen. Lloyd Nolan is terrific as Michael Shayne, detective, and his supporting cast is superb to say the least. William Demarest is the best hapless police inspector this side of James Gleason, a youthful Henry Daniell plays a stuck up prig to perfection, Milton Parsons is a bad baddie, and we even get small turns from Mantan Moreland and Billy Benedict. The story is reasonably well written, fast paced, and a lot of fun.” 3 stars


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