Codename: The Cleaner


A janitor, Jake Rogers (Cedric the Entertainer), wakes up next to a dead body with no memory of who he is and how he got there, but gradually comes to believe he is a secret undercover agent, and after fleeing the hotel and meeting his wife Diane (Nicollette Sheridan) and girlfriend (Lucy Liu) Jake goes on one crazy adventure to find out who he is.

What people are saying:

Code Name: The Cleaner is a limp action/comedy flick that alternates between lame, worn-out jokes and cheesy martial arts.” 2 stars

“Although comprised of lowest-common denominator gags, it’s an oddly hard-to-follow affair, with good and bad FBI agents popping up everywhere and the plot only revealing itself in fits and starts.” 1 star

“Cedric is usually funny, but not here. Lucy Liu is a fantastic performer and can kick out the action, but her talents are wasted in this movie. Surprisingly unfunny and uninteresting, the idea was promising, and the execution was bad. I would recommend giving it a pass unless for some reason you can’t get buy without seeing Cedric on the big screen. ” 2 stars

“I managed to catch this film on cable years after it’s theater release. It was very much in the vein of “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.Cedric plays a ne’er do well janitor at a video game and electronics company who learns of a plot to turn computer game chips into weapons smuggling and information smuggling defices. the problem is that he then get’s amnesia and begins to think he really might be a superspy. It was goofy and campy but had a kind of low rent charm all it’s own. Cedric the entertainer was good enough to get me through each scene and Lucy Liu was a nice treat to break up the epic stupidity of the premise. Once again, it was one of those films that was worth what I paid for it.” 3 stars

“The group I watched this with laughed and laughed, and what can I say? Laughter is infectious. There are good jokes in this movie, as well as very poor ones (see the joke about shooting a janitor in the posterior), but the overall feeling I get is “meh.” Cedric is at his silly best in this one, but fails to wow anyone. If you’ve seen one generic comedy starring a former big actor, you’ve seen them all.” 1 1/2 stars


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