Dead West


An outlaw drives through the West killing all the women who aren’t up to his love standards, until the brother of one of his victims goes after him.

What people are saying:

“Comical. This is what happens when porn actors make a ‘serious’ movie, although it was oddly entertaining. Definitely smoke some chronic and watch with no expectations.” 2 1/2 stars

Dead West takes us deep into the mind of a disturbed, yet charismatic serial killer traveling the country on a murder spree. A revenge thriller turned into a love story, this film is packed with compelling characters brought to life by a cast of wonderful actors. Brain Sutherland, Meagan Karimi-Nasar, and Jeffrey Arrington lead the way with strong performances. Supporting actors Katie Michaels, Bethany Jacobs, Carollani Sandberg, and Lisa Coronado also light up the screen with focused, heart-breaking performances. My only negative is that the pace of this film is a little slow at times. Nonetheless, the story is very compelling and the actors handle the dialogue extremely well and drive the film home to a thrilling finish. The cinematography is fantastic, and director Jeff Ferrell does an incredible job bringing his words to life on the big screen. The film score is also terrific.” 2 stars

“I feel like I just watched a 2 hour porno with no sex. The writing is horrible and the acting is horrible. The woman that played Roxie was good but the rest of the movie is 100% garbage. The leading guy is supposed to be this womanizing good looking man…. he is a freaking pudgy dude that has below average looks and bad teeth. Seriously…” 1/2 star

“I’m not sure what I expected when I played this movie, but about 15 minutes into it I was already wondering how much more I would have to endure. This film has no redeeming value whatsoever. The film was poorly scripted, the acting was awful, the directing was questionable, at best. I’m not sure how this film was funded. I watched all of the way through because I kept saying to myself, “it’s going to get better” or that there is some “twist” that will just grab me. Sorry, nope. What you see in the first 15 minutes is what you get.” 1 star

“It’s pretty grim when you have to click on the ‘See full cast’ tab on the IMDb title page of a movie to find out who the main character was portrayed by. This is a movie that could never have been made back in the days of the Production Code because the murderer gets away with it and presumably lives on to continue his killing spree. The whole thing is kind of silly actually, when you consider that Duane The Ladykiller (Brian Sutherland) drives one of the most distinctive cars one could possibly own, a bright orange Camaro with a black hood, and he’s routinely recognized by any number of witnesses who could provide their first person accounts to authorities at any step along the way. Not to mention the guy had no visible means of support to carry on his cross country hobby. If you couldn’t figure it out early enough, the guy gives away the key to his principal character traits when he takes a pick-up to the Skyline Drive-in and the feature attractions are ‘Maniac’ and ‘Vigilante’. Yup, he was both of them.” 2 stars


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