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Woody Woodpecker

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A high-strung, red-headed bird battles a prominent municipal lawyer, hoping to prevent him from seizing his property, bulldozing his house, and building a mega-mansion that will turn big profits. Along the way, he wreaks havoc on the building site and drives the crew crazy.

What people are saying:

“Inanely cruel villains, an unoriginal story, ham-handed performances, and reliance on farts and burps are the low lights of this awkward effort to bring back a less-than-engaging cartoon bird.” 1 star

“Bad, real bad, and its hunger to scrape the bottom of the barrel for humor is downright depressing to watch.” 1/2 star

“As a fan of the cartoon, one of my favorites of all my life, I expected more for the first live-action version of the Woody Woodpecker. The result is a bit disappointing. Woody Woodpecker’s first movie resulted in a silly, uninspired film with very poor acting. The good things are just the funny situations created by Woody and his characteristic laughter that animated my mornings in childhood and adolescence.” 2 stars

“doesn’t even deserve 1 star. This isn’t the woody woodpecker I grew up with, and a fully-animated movie would’ve most likely done better than this badly acted mess.” 1/2 star

“Is it possible to go back in time and pretend this never happened? This is beyond terrible. The kids like it, but I’m not sure why I legit want to die. The only movie I’ve watched in the last decade that might be worse is space chips.” 1/2 star