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Attack of the 50 ft Woman

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A TV Announcer (Dale Tate) tells of people around the globe spotting a floating red ball. Nancy Archer (Allison Hayes) is a wealthy but highly troubled woman. She’s speeding along the desert roads at night, fleeing her problems. A glowing ball settles on the highway in front of her. A giant reaches for her, but she runs back to town. No one believes in her story because of her drinking problem and having been institutionalized before. Her shifty husband (William Hudson) is more interested in his floozy (Yvette Vickers). Nonetheless, he pretends to be the good husband in hopes that Nancy will ‘snap’ and return to the ‘booby hatch’. She convinces him to search the desert with her, looking for the “satellite”. Eventually, they find it, and as the giant emerges Harry flees, leaving Nancy behind. Later, Nancy is found on the roof of her pool house. She’s sedated by her doctor. Harry thinks to give her a lethal injection of sedative, but when he goes up to her room, he finds she’s grown into a giant. The sheriff and Nancy’s Butler find and explore the alien’s spherical ship. Seems the giant alien needs diamonds, perhaps fuel. The giant alien interrupts, wrecking their car, so they walk back. Nancy awakens and breaks free. Determined to find her wayward husband, she breaks through the roof of her house, and stomps off to town. In town, she takes the roof off the bar. A beam falls on the floozy, killing her. Nancy picks up Harry and walks away, The sheriff shoots at her to no apparent effect, but accidentally hits a power line transformer. It blows up near Nancy and kills her, with Harry lying crushed in her hand.


One of the true classics of the golden age of cinema in terms of true camp has to be Attack of the 50 ft Woman. I have found that this film is highly underrated, though.

Yes, I said underrated. My reason for that statement is that the 50 ft woman doesn’t stack up toe likes of Dracula, Wolf Man, Frankenstein, Blob, and other various creatures. Seems to me that a giant half-naked (for that time) woman would be a huge hit. Maybe I’m wrong, but weren’t males just as horny back then as we are today (they just didn’t make it so obvious…lol)?

This thing has been remade a couple of times, neither of which stacks up toi the original (remakes never work…I don’t know how many times I can reiterate that point). The biggest (pardon the pun)  homage to the character, though, may be Ginormica in Monsters vs. Aliens. 

I was not too familiar with this tale before watching it tonight, so when I found out that aliens were involved the first thing that popped in my head ws this is such a 50s movie. It seems like back then anything that happened was traced back to either aliens or Russians.

Given that this is from the 50s, you have to adjust for the technology at the time. Doing so, I have to question why the giant alien and Nancy were see through. If I’m not mistaken, they had green screen back then. I may be wrong, though. For me, it was rather distracting.

Characterwise, you’d be hard pressed to find a more despicable character than the husband, Henry. This guy is cheating on his wife, who he had committed, but didn’t break up with her because of her vast fortune. When she is  irradiated and sick, he leaves to be with the other woman. Then, when she starts screaming for him and is about to start traipsing around town searching, he pays it no mind until she breaks in the bar and snatches him away. He gets what he deserves, that’s for sure!

Nancy isn’t really that much of a character belive it or not. Well, I take that back. She stats off as a major role, then as the film progress, she become a big plastic hand chained from the ceiling, and then some sort of holographic projection of herself stomping to town.

Finally, they touched on the Star of India powering the alien’s satellite ship, but never say why, nor do we find out what happens to the alien after he smashes the sheriff and butler’s car. Don’t really need to know all that, but it would be nice to have some answers.

As far as 50s sci-fi goes, this is not the greatest of the genre, but it is worth watching just for the cheesy effects. Granted the dialogue and acting are very bad, but that can be looked over if you consider this a B-movie. I recommend this to fans of classic sci-fi and camp. It will not disappoint.

3 out of 5 stars