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Loosly based on the video game of the same name, the film centers on the character of Rayne (Kristanna Loken), an unholy breed of human and vampire called a Dhampir. Dhampir are unaffected by crucifixes and do not thirst for human blood. She is the daughter of the Vampire King Kagan (Ben Kingsley) who has gathered an army of thralls, both vampire and human, in order to annihilate the human race. She was conceived when Kagan raped her mother, and she later witnessed him killing her.

Sebastian (Matthew Davis), Vladimir (Michael Madsen), and Katarin (Michelle Rodriguez) are three members of the Brimstone Society, who fight vampires. When they hear of the Dhampir, Vladimir plans to recruit her in order to kill Kagan. A great portion of the story concerns the three body-parts of an ancient vampire that can make a vampire free of the basic weaknesses: all water (the eye), the cross (the rib), and the sun (the heart). As Kagan wants all these parts, it becomes the heroes’ mission to stop him.


Having never played the actual video game on which this film is based, I cannot say how true this is to its source material, but I can say that as a film it could have been better, but could have also been worse.

Kristianna Loken give a performance so mechanical, you would think she was still in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. It also appears that they wanted to capitalize on her sexuality, for me, though, it didn’t work so well.

Michael Madsen and Matthew Davis are perhaps the most competent actors in this film in their roles. They seemed to really get into them, especially Madsen. He even went so far as to change his speech pattern to fit the time period.

Michelle Rodriguez seemed a bit unnecessary in this film, until a key scene near the end. I wonder how she would have done in the lead role instead of Loken.

As accomplished an actor as Sir Ben Kingsley is, he looks bored and out of place as the vampire king Keegan. I do understand why they would choose him for the role, but I’m sure there were others who would have enjoyed it more.

With such a remarkable cast, which even eincluded Meatloaf, one would think that think that the last thing to be criticized would be the acting, but to be honest with you, that is what made this film so terrible.

The action scenes are your typical video game fare. The director tried to capture some of the scenes from the game, I would imagine.

There are even some soft, tender moments that make you feel connected to Rayne, then she starts acting again, and you lose the connection.

The blood that was used for this film, didn’t look real or fake, but rather like ketchup. Now, I’m of the belief that if you’re going to use blood on screen, make it look like the real stuff or some sort of fake liquid, but when you fall into that in-between status, it just doesn’t sit right with me.

What is my verdict on this film? Well, to be honest with you, there are moments that I enjoyed, and others that just didn’t work for me. I think this is an ok flick, but I believe its best reserved for viewing on Sci Fi Channel or something along those lines.

3 out of 5 stars