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American Wedding

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The film begins with Jim Levenstein and Michelle Flaherty having dinner, celebrating their college graduation. Jim intends to propose to Michelle, but receives a phone call from his dad, who says he forgot to give Jim the engagement ring and was on his way. As Jim tries to stall, Michelle gets the impression that he wants a public sex act, by performing oral sex on him under the table. When Mr Levenstein (Eugene Levy) arrives, Jim tries to hide the fact that he’s being fellated. Not knowing Michelle was under the table, Jim’s dad expresses his excitement at the proposal. Then, after Michelle bumps her head under the table in shock at hearing about the proposal, all chaos ensues as Jim ends up exposed and has to hike his pants up quickly. Saving face, he swallows what’s left of his pride and asks Michelle to marry him. She readily says yes.

As planning begins, Jim worries that the wedding will be a disaster. Michelle’s parents hate him after an accidental scene in which Jim appears to be having sex with their two dogs. Michelle’s wedding dress is made by only one designer working for one store, so Jim sets out to find the dress maker for her. And Jim can’t dance, but salvation comes in the form of Stifler (Seann William Scott), who took dance lessons. However, Stifler only teaches Jim to dance on the condition he allow Stifler to attend the wedding (Jim and Michelle had planned to leave Stifler in the dark about the whole event, but he found out accidentally after crashing their engagement party), and that he gets to plan the bachelor party.

Michelle’s sister Cadence (January Jones) attends the wedding, and Finch (Eddie Kaye Thomas) is quickly attracted to her. Sadly, so is Stifler. Upon hearing that Cadence is hoping to attract a decent guy, Stifler adopts a more meek attitude and acts like Finch, and avoids swearing and speaks of philosophy and art, mostly just quoting things Finch has said in the past. But when Finch realizes that Cadence is beginning to tire of the intellectual Stifler, Finch acts immature, rude, and perverted: in other words, like Stifler as he heard Cadence being tired of ‘decent guys’ while eavesdropping on Michelle and Cadence’s conversation at the airport lavatory. However, Cadence begins to catch on that her two suitors are acting like each other, so the question of who she’ll choose becomes more complicated. In the end however, Stifler unintentionally kills the flowers the night before the wedding, and actually feels bad about it, prompting him to bring in the football team he coaches to set up the entire church with new flowers. Cadence chooses Stifler, and Finch admits that Stifler was probably better for her. Stifler, angry that he can’t hate Finch after such a noble remark, is quickly reminded that Finch did sleep with his mother… twice.

The film features several trademark infamous scenes like the first two films. Stifler is charged with taking care of the bride’s wedding ring, but he accidentally feeds it to a dog. Waiting for the dog to defecate, Stifler retrieves the ring in a chocolate wrapper and goes to wash it, but is intercepted by Michelle’s mother. Mistaking it for a truffle, Michelle’s mother attempts to eat it, giving Stifler no other choice but to eat it himself to save face. Later, during the ceremony, Stifler takes a moment to quickly sniff the ring before handing it to Jim.

Michelle and Jim eventually get married. At the reception, they dance while Stifler dances with Cadence. Finch is sitting by himself when Stifler’s mom (Jennifer Coolidge) arrives. They tell each other they are over each other. However, at the end of the movie it shows Stifler’s mom and Finch in the tub having sex. The two men who were supposed to be watching Jim’s grandma (John Cho and Justin Isfield), the ushers for the wedding, are watching in awe from the window as Finch goes under the bubbles.


As a huge fan of the American Pie franchise, I was glad to hear that they were going to tie up all the loose ends and bring things to a close with this film. Having said that, I was a little disppointed to notice many of the characters not only weren’t in the film, but not even mentioned.

The cast of the film is obviously comfortable with each other, as they’ve done 3 of these films now, and a re quite comfortable with each other. The addition of Michelle’s family didn’t hurt any. As a matter of fact January Jones was a welcome replacement for Mena Suvari, Tara Reid, or Natasha Lyonne.

My big issue with this film is that, though it was supposed to be about Jim and Michelle’s wedding, a good portion of it ended up devoted to Stifler. Granted, Stifler would make an interesting spin off, this was not his film. Of course, now that I look at it, the spin offs have been devoted to his family. Perhaps this was foreshadowing?

If you’re into watching this film, I highly suggest you get the unrated version. As with many other films of this ilk, the unrated version adds a little spice and makes things much more enjoyable. I know I enjouyed it, and hope you will too.

4 out of 5 stars

American Pie 2

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The story is about the four friends, and their attempts to have the greatest summer party ever at a summer beach house in Michigan first used by Kevin’s older brother four years ago. Kevin is lost without Vicky, and often accidentally makes advances on her even though they are no longer dating. Nadia is coming for the party, and Jim is desperate so he asks Michelle for help with his sexual problems. Stifler invites his younger brother to party, and Finch has yet another meeting with Stifler’s mom. Oz is going steady, and has a long distance relationship while his girlfriend who is in Spain, but once again Stifler interrupts the phone sex. The film keeps the same cult status as the first, and also holds true to the idea of piling on risqué scenes one after another. The movie also focuses more on Jim and Michelle, who, when Nadia arrives early, pretend to be in a relationship so she will not expect Jim to have sex (After the incident with “Pussy Palace”). They break the fake relationship off once Jim is ready to sleep with Nadia but Jim, having fallen in love with Michelle, proceeds to turn down Nadia and enter into a relationship with Michelle instead.

The end of the movie shows many of the friends sleeping with familiar (and some not-so familiar) people. Jim is with Michelle and Oz is with Heather, like in the first movie. Sherman gives up on getting anyone, but the rejected Nadia, who wanted Jim because he was a geek, is turned on by his “Sherminator” gimmick, and has sex with him. Stifler ends up with two women he at first thought were lesbians. Kevin doesn’t end up with anyone, but he does seem to succeed in getting over Vicky. As for Finch, he spends the night talking with a few girls, but he doesn’t sleep with any of them. Soon after, Stifler’s mother arrives, and the end of the movie shows her car on the side of the road, with Finch having sex with her.


This is the best of the American Pie films. True, the first one set the precedent and a new standard for raunch in cinema today, this one took off with those ideas and made a absolutely hilarious film.

All the major characters return for another helping of pie, although when this was released Mena Suvari, Chris Klein, and Tara Reid were off to bigger and better things, and Sean William Scott was working his way up the food chain. I think for this film, though, having them all back, even if for  a few brief scenes really captures the feelings one has after the first year of college away from your friends.

Perhaps the best known part of this film is the lesbian “challenge” scene where Stifler, Jim, and Finch are caught in the house and the two girls decide to have some fun with them that include kissing, grabbing, and finally requesting a hand job. I’ll admit, it’s my favorite part.

Another popular scene is Jim’s (who else) mishap with superglue (rather than lubricant). The series of misadventures that follows that is hilarious, all the way up to the diatribe Jim’s dad gives the lady in the wheelchair in the waiting room.

There is a bit of a touching moment where Jim realizes he’s in love with Michele and leaves ultra hot Nadia in the lighthouse to profess his love. Those that are into that lovey-dovey stuff will really eat that up, so yeah, this is one of those films that has something for everyone, but proceed with caution. This film can be offensive to some, otherwise, watch and have fun!

5 out of 5 stars

American Pie

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Set in 1999, four Michigan high school seniors make a pact to lose their virginity before their high school graduation after a geeky classmate, Chuck Sherman (Chris Owen) claims to have done so at a party at fellow classmate Steve Stifler’s (Seann William Scott) house.

Kevin Myers (Thomas Ian Nicholas), the initiator of the pact, tries to repair his relationship with his girlfriend Vicky (Tara Reid) after they have a serious fight at the party when she accuses him of being with her only for sex. Chris ‘Oz’ Ostreicher (Chris Klein), who is on the high school lacrosse team with Stifler, joins the jazz choir to pick up girls, as the girls in the band know little of his insensitive jock reputation. Paul Finch (Eddie Kaye Thomas), the mochaccino-drinking sophisticate, pays Vicky’s friend Jessica (Natasha Lyonne) $200 to spread rumours around the school of his sexual prowess, hoping that it will increase his chances of success.

Jim Levenstein (Jason Biggs) pursues Nadia (Shannon Elizabeth), an exchange student from (former) Czechoslovakia. After she comes to Jim’s house to study with him, she has to change clothes after her ballet practice, so Stifler convinces Jim to set up a web-cam so they can watch her change. Jim quickly heads over to Kevin’s house to watch with him. Once he gets there Nadia is seen on the computer discovering his pornography collection hidden in his dresser, and instead of being offended, she begins looking through it while masturbating.

Kevin urges Jim to go back home, saying this is his best opportunity to lose his virginity. Jim arrives and Nadia orders him to strip. Meanwhile, it becomes apparent that he had incorrectly addressed the email with the web-cam link to Kevin and Stifler, having instead sent the link to every mailbox in the school directory; virtually the entire student body are watching.

As Jim slowly caresses her leg up to her genitals, he climaxes prematurely. As Nadia is about to leave, he convinces her to stay, but upon seeing her nude and touching her pubic area, he climaxes prematurely again, humiliating himself in front of the entire student body. In his desperation, Jim asks band geek Michelle Flaherty (Alyson Hannigan) to the senior prom as she is apparently the only girl at his school who did not see what happened.

Finch, meanwhile, has his own problems. Stifler, angry that a girl turned him down for the prom because she was waiting for Finch to ask her, puts a laxative into Finch’s mochaccino. Finch, being paranoid about the lack of cleanliness in the school restrooms, and unable to go home to use the toilet as he usually does, is tricked by Stifler to use the girls’ restroom. Afterward, he emerges before all the other students at school, humiliated and is left dateless.

At the prom, everything seems hopeless for the four boys until Vicky asks the girl that Chuck Sherman claimed to have bedded about her “first time”. She proclaims to everyone at the prom that she and Sherman did not have sex at Stifler’s party, leaving Sherman embarrassed and making him wet himself. The revelation takes the pressure off of Jim, Kevin, Oz and Finch, and they head to the post-prom party with new hope.

At the after-party at Stifler’s house, all four boys fulfil their pledge. Kevin and Vicky have made up and have sex in an upstairs bedroom, but the act is very awkward. Vicky breaks up with Kevin afterwards on the grounds that they will drift apart when they go to college, with him attending the University of Michigan and her at Cornell University.

Oz confesses the pact to Heather (Mena Suvari), a girl from the jazz choir, and renounces it, saying that just by them being together makes him a winner. They fall in love, begin a relationship, and ends up making love on the porch though the reformed Oz never admits that they did.

Finch strays downstairs to the basement recreation room where he meets Stifler’s mother (Jennifer Coolidge). She is aroused by his maturity, and they have sex on the pool table. Stifler finds them together in the morning and faints.

Jim and Michelle have sex after he finds out that she saw the “Nadia Incident” after all. She accepted his offer to be his date because of it, knowing he was a “sure thing”, but she makes him wear two condoms to combat his earlier ‘problem’ with Nadia. Jim is surprised by Michelle’s unexpectedly aggressive behaviour in bed. In the morning he wakes up to find her gone, she used him for a one-night stand, which Jim thinks is “cool”.

The morning after the prom Jim, Kevin, Oz and Finch eat breakfast at their favourite restaurant where they toast to “the next step.”


Back in the 80s, there were tons of sex comedies. Then, the 90s came and they seemed to disappear, until American Pie. Still regarded as one of the best sex comedies and the film that brought us the term “MILF”, there is not doubt in my mind after watching it again that it will withstand the test of time.

The cast of this film was comprised of virtual unknowns. Here it is 10 yrs later and many of them, especially Shannon Elizabeth and Sean William Scott, have gone on to bigger and better things, but none of them have been sitting around cashing residual checks from this film.

The pie scene is best seen in the unrated version, because the theatrical release isn’t as shocking. However, it is the highlight of the film, aside from the introduction of Stifler’s mom and Michelle’s final band camp tale.

All in all this is a very good film, but as with many sex comedies, it’s not for everyone. Proceed with caution if you’re easily offended, otherwise watch and enjoy.

4 out of 5 stars